GWJ GOTY 2023 Wildcards

GWJ Conference Call 899

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Amanda, Rich, Daryl, and Andrew are visited by Aaron to talk about their 2023 Honorable Mentions and GOTY Wildcards.

Games: Spider-man 2, Super Mario Brothers: Wonder, Forspoken, Exoprimal, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Fortnite, Goodbye Volcano High, Beneath Oresa, BG3, Armored Core 6, Labyrinth of Zangetsu, Astral Ascent, Venba, Thirsty Suitors, Moonring, Sea of Stars, Octopath 2, Lies of P, Kirby Return to Dreamland Deluxe, Pikmin 4.

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00:03:08 Marvel's Spider-Man 2
00:07:44 Super Mario Bros. Wonder
00:15:05 Forspoken
00:19:42 Exoprimal
00:20:26 Dead Space
00:20:58 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
00:22:05 Fortnite
00:23:53 Goodbye Volcano High
00:27:05 Beneath Oresa
00:30:10 Baldur's Gate 3
00:31:33 Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon
00:37:48 Labyrinth of Zangetsu
00:39:26 Astral Ascent
00:49:12 Venba
00:50:01 Thirsty Suitors
00:52:24 Moonring
00:56:00 Sea of Stars
01:03:55 Octopath Traveler 2
01:10:06 Lies of P
01:12:42 Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe
01:13:42 Pikmin 4

A fantastic selection of games. Hopefully I’ll get to check many of them out next year.

I realise that a lot of folks aren’t into Spider-Man 2 but it’s a delight to hear from the few who enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks Daryl.

There were a vast number of seemingly small changes that reframed and improved many aspect of Spider-Man 2 when compared to the previous two games.

As an example, in the first Spider-Man there was a series of side quests where you took pictures of landmarks for the Bugle. It felt very much like activity for activities sake but in Spider-Man 2 you are taking pictures of people in the community who are getting together in a colourful meeting spots, playing a regular sport on community courts or gathering around to appreciate the patter of a local character promoting his or her establishment.


There are myriad other improvements which don’t radically alter the formula from the first game but that give weight and meaning to the setting and to the characters and relationships surround Pete and Miles.

What game is the thread title card from?

Goodbye Volcano High.


A great ep to finish out 2023, everyone was very entertaining and erudite about their games ... I could have listened for another hour of peeps' Honourable Mentions.

When Antichulius was talking about being so deeply into a game you don't even want to look at other games on sale or whatever, that was how I felt in 2023 as well! As such, the list of 2023 games that I need to get to in 2024 is very long, probably to the detriment of 2024 games. Spider-Man 2 is top of that list, but I also need to get back and finish Tears of the Kingdom.