The 7th Guest VR

GWJ Conference Call 893

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Rich, Aaron, and Daryl form team RAD to discuss the game marathon.

Games: PlayStation Portal, The Last Faith, Spider-man 2, Alan Wake 2, and 7th Guest VR.

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After I hastily read the summary for this episode I thought it was perhaps a bit too early to dedicate an episode to Bungie’s Marathon.

Great to hear everyone’s impressions of Spider-Man 2 over the last few episodes.

I don’t think I’m big on gaming marathons. Two or three hours is generally enough for me. I may have done more at times. The closest I got was probably World of Warcraft when it first came out.

I joined a guild called ‘Elf Preservation Society’ and after a while we started raiding. We told ourselves we were just a casual raiders guild. After a few months though we found ourselves working through some high end raid instances. Occasionally someone would remind us all that we were only a casual raiding guild and we’d laugh.

There were warning signs that I was addicted. I remember the room going dark as evening drew in and thinking that I should turn on a light but I only stopped playing long enough to actually do it when I could no longer see the keyboard.

In the end I found myself planning my Christmas holidays based on how many hours per day of WoW I could play. It was in that moment I made the decision to stop playing and never returned.

00:02:45 PlayStation Portal
00:09:16 The Last Faith
00:17:08 Marvel's Spider-Man 2
00:27:48 Alan Wake 2
00:31:43 The 7th Guest VR
00:35:29 Gaming Marathons