Baldur's Gate 3: Act 2 Spoiler Section

Baldur's Gate 3: Act 2 Spoiler Section

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Rich, Amanda, and Beto get into some of the many spoilers possible in Act 2 of Baldur's Gate 3.

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This was a great listen, especially with how different each of the panel's Act 2 stories were.

I enjoyed hearing about the differences in party build and therefore combat strategies. I had 2 offensive casters spread over 3 characters. My main was a swords bard, but with a handy magic arsenal. From Act 2 onwards, she was the go-to Counterspeller. I kept Gale as a pure evocation Wizard -- while it made me look wistfully at the sorc/warlock classes, he was clutch in so many big fights, especially with those lvl 5 and 6 spells, and the gear that gives you a spell for free. Shadowheart as a tempest cleric gave her more offensive oomph on top of her healing, and Spirit Guardians was good for so many occasions, especially hilarious vs invisible enemies.

Also I was:
a) surprised how much I've already forgotten about Act 2 -- I only finished the game 3 weeks ago!
b) glad to hear I wasn't the only doofus who totally missed out on


saving the Tieflings and gnomes

c) kicking myself for not keeping those brains in a jar! I started picking them up, but ditched them somewhere in the Underdark, thinking they were useless.

Bring on the Act 3 spoiler section ... can't wait to hear how (or whether) Larian pulled all the panel's divergent story threads back together.

Thanks for a great episode! And looking forward to the Act 3 one to listen to when I've finished that act!

Some comparisons from my own playthrough:


I was a half-elf Druid, and like Amanda I romanced Shadowheart in Act 1. Towards the end, Shadowheart and Lae'zel had an argument about the artefact (I never went to the creche, don't really know what happens there), and I woke up with Shadowheart holding a knife to Lae'zel's throat!

Even though I loved her, I thought assassinating another party member wasn't acceptable, so we fought and killed Shadowheart. It was heartbreaking! Then Lae'zel and I had a rebound affair which was a bit much. And much later in Act 2 I ended up having a lovely dance with Wyll and he seduced me. It was super cute - I'd kiss him every long rest, and pet the owlbear cub.

This meant that I was sent into the Gauntlet of Shar by one of Ketheric's lackeys, and when getting to the area where the Nightsong was held, went straight into an epic fight to protect and release her. There wasn't really a question of killing her, and I was baffled why there was a special spear for doing that. It's nice to know from Amanda's experience, that my judgement of Shadowheart had been correct!!

Mechanically - I've never played a game like this before. I'm really enjoying Druid, as I can either be a healer, or a reasonably high damage-per-turn spellcaster, or turn into a tanky brutal Owlbear. Swapping between those dynamically is very flexible, and means I can be quite flexible about who else is in the party - but i find switching items and rejigging a bit much, so don't swap much.

In my co-op game, my wife is playing a Druid and even though she's technically a sun druid, she loves just turning into an Owlbear and wrecking sh*t lol.

We're looking forward to recording the next bit soon, look out for it in early 2024 (Act 3 is like twice the size of the other acts!)

Has the Act 3 spoiler cast been recorded yet? I just finished the game and so found the first two spoiler episodes, but not seeing the third in the podcast feed. Am I missing it, or has this not happened yet?

That is, believe it or not, still in the works. We just hit a wild time with schedules but we all want to knock that out and close the loop here!

No worries, just wanted to make sure I wasn't being obtuse. Looking forward to it!