Cyber Knights: Flashpoint

GWJ Conference Call 889

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Rich and Amanda talk about the top games of 2023 that they didn't get a chance to play.

Games: Beneath Oresa, Jackbox 10, Spider-man 2, Cyberknights: Flashpoint Early Access, and World of Horror.

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00:01:13 Beneath Oresa
00:03:58 Jackbox Party Pack 10
00:07:58 Marvel's Spider-Man 2
00:14:55 Cyber Knights: Flashpoint
00:26:01 World of Horror
00:28:26 Alternate Reality Game of the Year

All of the games on my alternate reality top five list could, I’m sure, grace the top of my actual GOTY list if I had time to play them. Hopefully I’ll get to some or all of them next year.

1. Baldur’s Gate 3
2. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2
3. Resident Evil 4: Remake
4. Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty
5. Sea of Stars

I also really want to play Cocoon, having adored INSIDE but there is still a slim chance I could fit it in before the year is out.

Higgledy wrote:

I also really want to play Cocoon, having adored INSIDE but there is still a slim chance I could fit it in before the year is out.

If it helps, Cocoon took me 4-5 hours max to finish. It will be far easier to fit in than everything else you listed.

Thanks. That’s definitely the problem with those other games in terms of me getting them in this year. They’re all a big time investment. I enjoy sinking into a big game but I’m already invested in a number of long experiences that I could do to finish or at least get deeper into.

My list is quite similar to Higgledy's.

  • Baldur's Gate 3 - I've played more RPGs this year than I have, well, any prior year, I think (currently working on Sea of Stars). I don't have room for another. Plus I promised myself I'd at least try Divinity OS/2 first, since I own it! I see myself getting to this in spring of 2024
  • Spider-Man 2 - I loved the first one, but after the shorter Miles Morales, I feel a bit of fatigue at the idea of another full-length entry.
  • Hi-Fi Rush - I dismissed it at first (do I like rhythm games that much?) but when I saw it during SGDQ it looked really good (I just remembered I do like rhythm games). The trouble is, I want to line it up with some other Game Pass games and clear a month to play only those. Subscriptions are complicated.
  • Cocoon - The buzz is really good. I should play it. But I also thought Limbo was seriously overrated. That and my overstuffed backlog have tipped the scales the other way for now. (Limbo was a long time ago and this looks very different, I know.)
  • Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - I tried the game after Edgerunners came out (best marketing campaign ever) and liked it pretty well, but dropped off. I'm very curious to see the improvements.

The top games of 2023 that I didn't get a chance to play is pretty much every non-AAA game mentioned on TWA this year.

There's been a big AAA release at least every few months this year, with clusters of a few at once to take up the backlog, really crowding out smaller titles. I feel slightly ashamed that I didn't make time for the smaller games this year, but I've really enjoyed the bangers that I have played. It's like thinking yourself a film buff but realising you only watch MCU movies.