Update: 2023 IGWJD date - October 21!


Hello all!
The other week, you voted for which weekend might work best, and the popular vote was for Saturday October 21st, 2023!

Time has run a little fast this year. With everything going on, it feels best to keep things relaxed and low-key for those wanting to seek comfort and respite over the weekend in the form of some games with friends.

I went ahead and made an IGWJD event in discord here, and folks are welcome to join at 10am on Saturday to start. Looking to do something.

To be perfectly honest, I'm a little under the weather, so in the event that I'm not able to assist with planning and coordinating we can also extend gaming and play to the following weekend, as well!


Doing some casual play over on Discord!
Just set up another boardgame session for 5et/4ct, as well as a Jackbox play for 8e/7c
Will also set up some more sessions for next weekend as well, since it was a close race for availability!

For jackbox, all you need is an internet connection, and being on discord helps for hearing other players. Room codes for joining will be posted in the discord at the time of play.

For Boardgamearena, many games require a paid account to host in order to play, I just made sure my paid account was up to date