NFL 2023: The Week 6 thread

JT having a hell of a fantasy day.

My son?

Good enough, Ravens.

Now time for Niners to crush the Browns. Pre-game shoving match I saw on twitter. Browns hoping to get someone ejected so they have a chance?

Someone needs to take Deebo out. What a jackass. At least throw some batteries at him.

Browns with 2 personal fouls in the first 4 plays

Moody nooooo

Stele wrote:

Moody nooooo

Someone check on Legion, his faith has been broken.

Moody misses a 54-yard kick, due to the 49ers offense being so dominant that he had no field goal attempts over the last two weeks. Kickers must be properly exercised and maintained in order to ensure optimal performance.

Looks like no one can kick in Cleveland.

Moody DINKS a 25-yard field goal to warm back up and return to full operating order.

If that's not a fumble then rules have no meaning. Hit arm drop ball, simple

Me at the Asian grocery store, waiting for my daughter's boba to be done: "Whoa, Carolina up 14-0, I'm missing a crazy game."

Me getting home and checking the score again: " . . . maybe not."

Bailey Zappe and Will Grier are both inactive, which presumably makes recently-signed-from-PS Malik Cunningham the backup QB. And every report from Patriots practices is that Cunningham has been practicing almost exclusively at WR. And Jalen Reagor is active over Keyshawn Boutte. And the starting OL is the same from the last two games. So much potential for a complete sh*tshow.

When I don't have a game I care about, I watch a bad game, so Atlanta-Washington at the moment. This is a huge battle between Ridder not seeing open receivers and Washington committing idiot penalties to keep Atlanta drives alive.

Peak Ridder drive; they've got 2nd and goal on the 1, don't see the play clock, and get a delay. On the next play, he panic-flings a ball into the end zone that's easily picked off.

Seattle has no offensive line

I dislike the Niners but that was a bullsh*t call on 3rd down to give Cleveland life.

Complete horsesh*t

TheGameguru wrote:

I dislike the Niners but that was a bullsh*t call on 3rd down to give Cleveland life.

Followed up with a bullsh*t holding. They are hand delivering this game.

Should have been picked in end zone, dumb PJ.

Feeling moody


The Moody Blues.

That’s such a Legion way to lose a game.

Obligatory based on past comments:


I blacked out

I know you already knew this but the Patriots offense is broken beyond repair.

Big man interception!

TB needs to go back to these uniforms.

There would have been a me from a few years ago that would have been insufferable... well more insufferable than I usually am.

TheGameguru wrote:

TB needs to go back to these uniforms.

Every time I see those I think for a second it's a Tennessee college game.