Which day is the best day for IGWJD 2023?


Hello! It's already September October and then some, and the time of International Gamers With Jobs Day 2023 is soon upon us! Yes, a pre-selected date and time where we can schedule in a little time in our busy schedules to get together online (and in person!) to hang out, play games, and enjoy each-other's company!

To get a general feel for what works best for all, a quick 1-question survey to see what folks are feeling. Can't really go wrong with "close to Halloween," however it does depend on how close one wants to get to spookytown. We're going to be pretty relaxed and casual here - it seems like in years past a lot of activity happens over on our Discord, twitch, and Boardgame Arena, so check out these links to the accounts or community groups and get yourself registered or subscribed if you're interested in being involved in some online gameplay!

**Vote here!**

Survey will be up until Friday, October 6th, so get your vote in and we'll let you know which date people liked the most