NFL 2023: The Week 3 Thread

jowner wrote:

49ers look like they have room to make something happen but do they need a WR and not sure how that shakes out in future years.

Only way I see the Niners in it is if Aiyuk or Deebo goes down with a major injury before the deadline. They do have a ton of space on the cap, but most of that is earmarked for rollover into 2024, where their cap number goes way up. I expect they'll make some kind of deadline acquisition, but probably not a WR. And even if they are in WR mode, someone whose contract situation better fits being a rental would probably be a target instead (maybe someone that's very tall, and beefy enough to do the kind of run blocking the Niners require, but still has such good receiving skills that he's always over 1000 yards...)

Baker's been just a bit off on several passes, if he'd had more zip on that ball to Evans it's a TD but that gentle little toss meant the DB had plenty of time to get there.

Bucs lucky to be down 10 at half; while Hurts has a pick, Baker's thrown one, Rachaad White lost a fumble, and Baker fumbled twice on sacks and the Bucs recovered both.

I think just maybe the Bucs playing well in their first two games had a bit more to do with the defenses they were facing than anything about the quality of the team.

Just maybe.

(starts singing)

Someone left the cake out in the rain
I don't think that I can take it
'Cause it took so long to BAKE it
And I'll never have that recipe agaaaaaaaaaain ....!

Baker's been fine, not flashy, but fine. The main issue has been a dual inability to stop AJ Brown or DeAndre Swift, who are just killing the Bucs, plus the Eagles' defensive line has spent as much time in the backfield as Baker has.

Well that was boring.

*Legion* wrote:

Well that was boring.

I thought you liked field goals.

Welcome to the joy of rooting for Baker. And while I think the decision the Browns made to trade for Watson was reprehensible, after watching a few years of Mayfield, I understand it.

I do not agree with it from a moral or football perspective, but I understand it.


I think rushing defense might have been a bit of an issue last night.

That was Baker's gap.

Jets have solved their QB problem. The team is signing Trevor Siemian.

Notre Dame has a better run defense, and they only play 10 players on the run.


College football. I will see myself out.

I want the Chiefs to struggle just to see if Taylor Swift would get the same grief and blame that Jessica Simpson did.

I want to hear people start throwing around the word “distraction”.

So who on the Chiefs is going to pull a TO and cry, "That's my teammate! That's my tight end!"

I personally am glad these two are dating...


Rat Boy wrote:

So who on the Chiefs is going to pull a TO and cry, "That's my teammate! That's my tight end!"

I'm not sure who will say it, but I know which Chief will autotune the clip and put it in their next music video.

Nobody can top TO.

Maybe Richard Sherman could have done it, if you subbed out QB for RB and Russ for Marshawn.

Of course, Marshawn gave (and gives!) us fans far more entertainment than Tony ever did.

With Carr down for the moment, the Saints just added some gluten to their diet.

Kaepernick's letter to the New York Jets, asking for a shot at their practice squad.

He should go for the CFL or XFL/USFL.
I am surprised he hasn't already.

I assume this has something to do with hocking dick pills.

I had no idea his penis was so small

Pure. West.

THE WEEK 4 THREAD so I can begin considering future losses rather than mulling over losses that have happened already.