Lies of P - Catch All

master0 wrote:

And finished. I definitely rushed it at the end. Last zone felt like a slog. Just went on for a bit to long and filled with tough enemies. I did also cheat on a boss. Not even the last boss. I saw the amount of energy and effort it would take for it. Nah. It had a rather cheap mechanic. Last boss was much better.

Found the katana and it basically carried me. Crazy damage, great moveset and abilities. Block went down but not by a lot.

Overall a good game. One boss aside it felt brutal but fair. Maybe a bit too tanky. Harder then dark souls but easier then sekiro. Enjoyed the story and characters too. Not all plots have to be buried in item description text.

One tip. Adding fire/electric to your weapon is crucial in boss fights. I swear it nearly doubles your damage.

How many acts are there? I'm currently struggling on the second phase of the second phase of the King of Puppets.

They’ve tweeked the game to make some bosses easier. Details in this Eurogamer article.

Nine or ten acts if I remember right. The king of puppets was basically the middle of the game.

That was the first fight I used summons for because of how tanky the first phase is. An ally plus electricity melts stage one.

The gnashing of teeth in the steam forum over the patch is impressive. Not sure how big a difference it is but seems like any change makes them mad.

I can get through phase one practically unscathed, but when phase 2 gets mad I'm done for.

I know two things that add a bit of cheesy help. First off if you are using a summon healing them via the cube is huge. Second the aegis shield has a trick/glitch? If you hold the shield up (L2) then rapidly press block (L1) you can guarantee perfect parries.

Also that boss is surprisingly weak to just chucking stuff at it. Pretty sure I panicked threw a nad in it's face to win.

I need to know favorite weapon combos. I can’t stop experimenting lol.

I'm doing an advanced build so I have the acidic spear head on the salamander dagger handle, and the salamander dagger head on the acidic spear handle. Excited to play around with some more interesting options when they open up later. I hear I can recreate the dreaded Pizza Cutter Of Doom from Bloodborne

I was very curious about advanced builds. Seemed like elemental focus damage would be really strong on bosses. Although you'll probably need a couple of them for different types.

I like the boss weapons so far. They all seem to have wildly unique weapon sets. Although upgrading is tricker as the material seems rarer.

I am torn between multiple possible combos.

I started off balanced and was luke warm on the saber, but switched to the great sword early. That came into its own when I slapped the blade onto the police baton. It carried me in the early chapters, with the occasional sub in from the electric mace.

Then I put the wrench head on the baton, which is also terrific for damage but the range left something to be desired.

Once I unlocked boss weapons, I fell head over heels for the holy sword. It took me through the Malum district, but I've just put the bone-cutting saw tooth on the bramble sword hilt and slapped a motivity crank on it and that seems OP in my test runs on the dummy. Basically, strong attack has bonkers reach because the bramble hilt features a jump forward when you hold down R2, and then the L1 Fable of rapid slashes just dumps damage on enemies. The speed is bananas for the size and damage output too.

Really digging the creativity at work in all of these combos. Part of me wishes I had dumped more points into advance because those status effects seem extremely potent.

In most souls games I tend to find something I like and stick to it early. I never put the threaded cane down in Bloodborne. Various katanas have carried me through the Dark Souls games and Elden Ring. Meanwhile, in Lies of P, I feel like I'm now a healthy chunk through the game (on my way to the King of Puppets) and I still haven't settled on a weapon.

There's a respec ability later in the game. So changing your build later is possible.

The weapon system really is the strongest and it's most unique point. It allows for so much flexibility.

I will say one negative. After playing so much the ping block sound effect will haunt my dreams for a while..

Lies of P: Huge Update Makes Game Much EASIER?!


And done! I came into this with reasonably high expectations after being surprised by the demo, but the full game turned out even better than I hoped. This is the first souls-like game to hook me as strongly as a From game. I was always itching to to keep pushing forward to see what was next. I loved the atmosphere and the combat, and I ended up enjoying the story much more than I expected.

My good boy bonked with reckless abandon with a motivity build. I invested heavily in vitality and motivity early on, but it didn't take me long to figure out that capacity is the best stat in Lies of P. I think I ended the game at 30 vitality, 30 motivity, and 45 capacity by the time I finished.

I really can't stress enough how big of a difference the better defensive gear and amulets you're able to wear from investing in capacity makes. You can get very tanky. It's especially strong combined with a motivity build with a high guard weapon. If you're looking for an easy mode in this game, I think this might be it. I think the most attempts I spent on a boss was around 15. There were a few others that took me close to 10, but most bosses were 2-4 attempts, and I one-shot both of the last two bosses. I didn't summon any specters.

P was armed with the giant wrench for almost the whole game. It doesn't have as much range as some of the strong boss ergo motivity weapons, but the fable art on the wrench handle is amazing. It's a quick attack that gets major bonus damage after blocking an attack. It only costs 2 bars and consistently hit for nearly 2k damage with major stagger. I speed ran through the second phases of a few of the tougher bosses because of this attack. I messed around with some other blade + handle combos, but I never found anything I liked better than the wrench head + wrench handle.

I paired that with the mine layer legion arm, which was also incredibly strong. I tried the shield, the electric arm, and the flamethrower, but I always came back to the mines. They're incredible for dealing with trash mobs and bosses alike, except for a few bosses that were too relentless to use it reliably. I think were only 2 or 3 bosses that were too fast to use it. I would often stack 3 mines on top of each other before luring an elite monster to me. The 2nd or 3rd mine would usually knock them off balance enough for me to get a full charged attack on them, knocking them down to half health or lower before they even had a chance to attack, or just outright staggering them for a fatal attack.

I really enjoyed the way the P-organ system was structured, with important choices to be made in both the micro-nodes and the main ones. Some of the upgrades are complete game changers, like the one that restores fable charge on a perfect guard. Once I stacked up enough legion upgrades, I was able to spam my mines non-stop and trivialize most trash mob encounters. I also very much appreciated how many weapon materials they provided. I had enough full moonstones by the end of the game to max 6 different standard weapons.

One other thing that really puts this over the top for me is the attention to small details in the world. Things like the way the cat responds to you as you make choices in game, the wonderful records that you can collect and play in Hotel Krat, the way they incorporate Pinocchio's nose, or the way that the title screen changes as you progress further in the game. There are so many endearing touches like these.

Overall, I am just astounded that this game is from a small studio that has only made one other game, Bless Unleashed, an MMORPG that is mediocre at best from most accounts. This does not feel like a game from a small team, or one with so little experience. It makes me incredibly excited to see how they follow this up. I would be thrilled if it's related to what's hinted in the teaser at the end:


Dorothy clicking her heels.

I agree you can get really tanky. I was a dex build but just putting a heavy weapon as a blade made my shield great. Even if I failed a perfect block, a hit or two would fix it all. Or even another perfect block. It only got a harder later when everything started hitting so hard.

That said I felt the bosses were a bit too tank. I suppose I was using a lighter weapon damage wise. My ult could do 2k damage but it was three bars and two separate hits. Rather hard to pull off but felt good when it worked. I actually stopped using the special arm weapons. So I could free up more weight. This was prepatch though which buffed capacity.

And yeah really liked the teaser at the end too.

Playing up through the Puppet King on a new run with an arcane build has confirmed my suspicions about how strong my first build was. I am having a much tougher time with these light, fast arcane weapons. They don't build stagger nearly as quickly. They take way more chip damage from blocking, and they give back far less of the guard regain damage on hit. I think Fuoco (the early fire furnace boss) took me more attempts than anything on my first run.

I also don't like any of my legion arm options nearly as much as the mine layer. The flamethrower can do good damage, but it has really short range, and I have not found the acid thrower to be much better. I should mess around with the electric arm to see how that fares with upgrades.

I'm glad I'm trying this as my second run, where I already know most of the enemy timing for perfect guards. I just picked up a heavier arcane weapon with a block value around 65, so that should help quite a bit.

I did also briefly respec to get as many P-organ upgrades focused on dodging as possible. It seemed like I could realistically pull off a dodge-centric build if I hadn't internalized parrying so deeply by now. Almost all of the dodge upgrades are front loaded in the upgrade tree. In just the first two levels, you can get a double dodge, dodge on the ground, increased stagger damage from dodge attacks, lower damage received while dodging, and lower weapon durability used in dodge attacks. Combine these with the amulet that lets you dodge with zero stamina, and you can be really mobile in combat. I'm not sure it will work as well as focusing primarily on parrying, but it should be viable if you really don't want to parry.

Yeah I remember reading your post and then by happenstance later saw a video talking about broken builds. The wrench was featured prominently. Looked busted but like a lot of fun.

I had an unexpected two week hiatus and came back in the got the King of Puppets in one. This game continues to rule.

farley3k wrote:

Lies of P: Huge Update Makes Game Much EASIER?

Could have fooled me. I just finished playing for 3 hours. Couldn’t get past the first boss, uninstalled. Nearly gave up after spending an hour on the freaking tutorial miniboss!

You know, if Turn 10 can try to make Forza Motorsport playable by blind people, maybe someday one of these Soulsborne developers will introduce optional relaxed dodge and parry timing for us old fogies and others with motor control issues.

I love everything I’ve seen about Lies of P, but I can’t play it due to my reaction time.

Oh well. At least it didn’t cost me any extra money to try it. Thanks, Game Pass!

This is a fun little update:

DLC and an eventual sequel are confirmed. They are also making some weapon balance changes, as well as adding rising dodge to the default move set and putting 2 more Quartz in Polendia's shop near the start of the game. Good stuff.

I'm glad there's a sequel. Curious about the DLC. Hopefully that'll be on gamepass too. They seem like they're creating a universe of mad science. Almost reminds me of the web comic girl genius. Definitely keeping an eye on it.

As for the buffs they are adding. Seems solid. Quartz was pretty limited, and the dodge skills are so good they should have been default to begin with.

BadKen wrote:
farley3k wrote:

Lies of P: Huge Update Makes Game Much EASIER?

Points of frustration.

I feel the same way. I recently played through Sekiro for the first time and never raged more playing a game in my life. The boss difficulty is insane and there were a few battles where I nearly snapped my controller in half and was another failed attempt away from uninstalling. At one point I spent 6 hours over two nights on one of the mid game bosses and must have made 50+attempts. I eventually did beat him with a sliver of health left and walked away from the game.

I love everything about the souls genre expect for the boss difficulty. Its too brutal. I'm playing Elden Ring right now and it's by far the most balanced of all the souls games I've played. The boss battles usually have the option for summoning spirit or NPC help, which is clutch for me and equivalent to having a lower difficulty. I love it and I'm having a blast with this one and minimal raging along the way.

I love Souls games, and don't generally find them too difficult. Usually just a few optional or expansion bosses in each game that makes me frustrated (yes, you, Malenia).
This game was on the too difficult side though. In my case probably because of the higher focus on perfect parries, and the weaker dodge. Some have mentioned builds mattering a lot above, which is likely true, was playing some Arcane build. Might have felt differently otherwise. But never going to like pixel perfect parrying, well, except for in Sekiro for some reason, maybe because the entire combat was designed around it, and it was quite forgiving.

However, you can summon NPCs in many of the fights in this game too, which seemed to make it way easier. But for some fights you couldn't do that.

About halfway through the game I got too annoyed, then I stumbled upon the game supposedly having a hidden easy mode...
Played the rest of the game with that. While it made things easier, it didn't make it super easy. Still spent quite a few tries on the last boss.
It does ruin the game a bit imo, I generally have the view that these games should not have difficulty modes, and rather build the difficulty options into in-game choices, like summons, builds etc., but there was enough to like in Lies of P that I still enjoyed that second half.

93_confirmed wrote:
BadKen wrote:
farley3k wrote:

Lies of P: Huge Update Makes Game Much EASIER?

Points of frustration.

I feel the same way. I recently played through Sekiro for the first time and never raged more playing a game in my life. The boss difficulty is insane and there were a few battles where I nearly snapped my controller in half and was another failed attempt away from uninstalling. At one point I spent 6 hours over two nights on one of the mid game bosses and must have made 50+attempts. I eventually did beat him with a sliver of health left and walked away from the game.

I love everything about the souls genre expect for the boss difficulty. Its too brutal. I'm playing Elden Ring right now and it's by far the most balanced of all the souls games I've played. The boss battles usually have the option for summoning spirit or NPC help, which is clutch for me and equivalent to having a lower difficulty. I love it and I'm having a blast with this one and minimal raging along the way.

God souls games just need to add difficulty levels, or just an easy mode. The fact there is one in the background and not turned on is so silly. Hell it's free advertising to add one. Blah.

I spent 6 hours on the last boss in sekiro and basically had to cheese it. Never did the extra bosses cause I didn't want that pain. It is the hardest souls game imo. Elden Ring is the best in comparison. It is technically the easiest of the souls games. But it can be just as hard as the originals if you want it to be. And is definitely one of the reasons is sold so well.

Shadout wrote:

About halfway through the game I got too annoyed, then I stumbled upon the game supposedly having a hidden easy mode...

Damn. I wish I could enable that on Xbox. Looks like it only affects damage, though. Damage would be less of a problem for me if the parry and dodge timings were a little relaxed. That's the kind of easy mode I need for soulslikes.

Maybe a game like this could measure the player's reaction time somehow and adjust that way. That would let people who want a serious challenge get one while enabling people with slower reaction times to also enjoy it!

Other than having a really stupid title, this game was a straight 10/10 the whole way through. Off-the-charts fantastic combat, awesome world feel, definitely the best Soulsthing I have played since Bloodborne, and I have to say I prefer the combat system here.

The mixed system of guard/parry/dodge is just immaculate, letting you perfectly target the risk/reward you want to chase for any given opponent. And man do I ever love the "special grindstone" system, giving you a consumable-which-is-not-consumable which perfectly fits my "let's not use consumables" mindset. And the blade/handle combo system and the cranks to let you tilt things a bit to your build...all top shelf stuff.

Went straight Motivity the whole way, with wrench head + baton handle for most of the game. After much experimentation about 3/4ths through I switched to bone saw blade + bramble handle, as the range was just too good to pass up. For whatever reason, I didn't give any of the boss weapons a try until getting The Beatstick from the penultimate boss, which I then demolished the entirety of NG+ with, grinning the whole time.

The legion arm just missed me completely. In the endgame I started using the fully upgraded puppet string as a gap closer, but it never really felt like part of my flow. Didn't miss it, but probably should start a fresh playthrough one day that actually incorporates it.

World-wise, I really enjoyed how linear it was. I played almost the entire game in very short sessions, sometimes broken up by big time gaps, and it was wonderful to not have to keep a big mental map in my head as to what I had to be doing and remembering to return to later. Load up, unlock a shortcut or get to the next stargazer, and call it for the day. The story unfolding was mildly interesting, the lie/truth stuff was incomprehensible (why did they put such a focus on this? Who cares?), but the important thing was that the world just felt cool to walk around in, and nicely coherent.

I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the bosses, with the notable exception of the swamp thing, were straightforward to learn and didn't demand a whole evening of dedicated study in order to get by them. I think the only ones that took more than a handful of tries were the fire guy (I couldn't figure out how to reliably identify what was coming next), the swamp monster (seriously, screw this boss. Finally just did the spectre and moved on, even in NG+), and the 4 brothers redux (Took me way too long to figure out "the trick" because I was so focused on killing the stupid decay brother first). The last two bosses were weirdly trivial with super easy patterns and parry timings.

NG+ was just an unmitigated delight, due to the availability of an amulet that prevents all "tier 1" status effects from occuring at all and your P-organ collection getting positively silly, plus a "perfect guard restores durability" ability so you don't ever have to worry about grinding your weapon again. It's just a nonstop dopamine feed to absolutely tear through every zone and boss without breaking a sweat, while ergo rains from the sky like water.

This game proved to me that I'm officially past the point of thinking "the difficulty and the sense of accomplishment after overcoming it is the point" for Souls games. I liked that the levels were liberal with the shortcuts so I wasn't "stretching" to complete sections and didn't have to worry about ergo loss. I liked that the game let me tailor my amulets to get an edge in the zone I was in. I liked that the crank system let me tweak a handle to my stat preference. I liked that the bosses didn't have super strong attacks that just wrecked you until you learned them. And I loved that boss rooms dropped your ergo outside them so you never had to race to reclaim it, or worry about losing it. I'm no longer elite.

Absolutely top tier execution of iterating on someone else's formula, GOTY for sure, can't wait for the DLC.

So, having completed TotK - finally! - I have started Lies of P proper. I'd played the demo up until the first boss, then died and left it there.

Today, I did the same, but figured I'd go and learn the boss as I do with most games. After a couple of tries - both getting to the second phase much as I did with my one try in the demo - I realized the game wants me to use block. This is pretty much antithetical to how I play most of my Souls-likes; I'm a dodge-roller, and Bloodborne just made that an even bigger thing for me, nevermind the couple of bosses that pretty much forced you to parry.

I started emphasizing my blocking, trying to override my dodge-reflex (honed after over a decade of souls-likes) and, on my fifth overall try, managed to beat the boss by blocking, often imperfectly.

This is not a dealbreaker, of course, but it is an interesting design choice, I think. Wondering what the rest of the bosses will be like.

I need to return to this for the final push. I got pretty far through and then distracted by Alan Wake 2, which I am nearly finished!

After playing through Lords of the Fallen I thought I might be done with souls type games for a bit. But after a few days got a real itch to play another one so picked this up. Figured I'd tear this game apart, as I was taking out bosses after 2 or 3 times in Lords of the Fallen. But this game has kicked my ass.

The Parade Master took me forever to get past. It was so frustrating.

This is really a different animal with the blocking mechanic. To benefit from it, particularly in boss battles, you need to time the block perfectly - which I am just not able to do.

So struggling with bosses and the mini-bosses while making my way to the City Hall area.

I booted up Dark Souls 3, which I barely played, to see if my skills really atrophied in the last few days. But no it was a pretty much 1-to-1 match with Lords of the Fallen mechanics. I killed the first boss the initial time I tried him. Took out some of the mini-bosses with ease too.

I may have made a mistake with Lies of P by choosing a dexterity class when I really should have chosen the heavy weapons or balanced one. I'm hoping I can trade up to a much more damage prone weapon than what I got sooner rather than later.

Love the look of the game though so that has me continuing on.

Have a few more weapons now. Due to weight issues, I'm mainly using an upgraded fencing sword and a dagger that does fire damage. Seems to be a good combo.

Have also picked up a few larger weapons, including a fire axe most recently. But have to stick with these two since the weight on those other weapons is a bit too much right now. I've pretty much dropped trying to block most attacks and now dodge and move in and out. Seems to be working better.

I don't quite understand the weapon assembly thing and what might be good or not. So, skipping that for now.

But the game combat is clicking for me more. Had a few mini-boss battles that were not too bad. There's this huge optional boss wandering some corrosive water that I skipped - but did grab all the goodies in that area. I'm guessing I would need to come back later to fight him once I have some corrosive protection.

I do wish the level design was a bit more complex. While there are little nooks and short alleyways to explore everything is just very square. That's the one downside of the game taking place in a modernized city.

Managed to defeat King Flame. That was a frustrating battle. Once he got to his stage where he's firing at you from a distance, I constantly could not close that gap to get to him. If I did manage to get close he'd just do one of his attacks that would send him away.

Ended up using an NPC to help kill him. Even though the NPC didn't last past the half-way point I just kept the pressure on, and King Flame never got to his stage where he would shoot at a distance. So just luck.

Did modify two of my weapons. I'm never good at the crafting thing so just looked up some weapon combos that were suggested. They seem alright. I don't feel things are much/at all easier.

When looking up the bosses name it looks like I skipped one mini-boss by mistake so going back to fight him. And also will give that huge optional boss a shot.