2023 Gamers With Jobs Secret Stan: Now with 70% more Yule!


Hark, gamers all, to tidings we proclaim,
The Secret Stan, a holiday's sweet game,
No dollars bound, your gifts can freely flow,
In joyous spirit, let your kind hearts glow.

But heed this counsel, make it your delight,
Don't donate unless it's their chosen plight,
Respect their wishes, let their joy arise,
In Stan's great name, let's all be truly wise.

Before the frosty breath of winter's morn,
Fill out the form, ere October's born,
By twenty-twenty-three's tenth month's end,
Your participation, thus, you shall extend.

On twenty-seventh day, the fates shall twine,
Pair you with victims, in this grand design,
With gifts of splendor, secret plans unfurl,
To bring delight, make hearts and spirits swirl.

This early start, a gift of time we share,
For shopping, plotting, secrets to prepare,
So wrap with care, let generosity gleam,
In Stan's domain, let's make a festive dream.

Be watchful, friends, of private messages,
The sole conduit, through which my voice engages,
To reach you in this holiday endeavor,
So check your PMs, now and forever.

And once the gifts are opened, oh so fine,
Share photos, videos, let your light shine,
In Stan's grand hall, let merry laughter swell,
As gamers' hearts in joyous rhythm dwell.

Now, if you have inquiries to explore,
Ask questions here, and I shall answer more,
To make this Secret Stan a splendid sight,
With gaming hearts, we celebrate the night!

Translation for those who don't speak iambic pentameter:

There is no dollar limit for gifts. No one has ever gotten upset because their Stan didn't spend enough, and homemade gifts are often everyone's favorite.

Don't make donations in someone's name unless they've indicated that's what they want. It's been an issue in the past.

Those participating must fill out this form before October 20th, 2023.

All participants will be paired with their victims (our term for who they're buying a gift for) by October 27th, 2023.

We're doing this early to give people plenty of time to shop and plan for their victim, as has been requested in the past.

Monitor your PMs here on Gamers With Jobs, because it's the only way I have to reach you if there's an issue or concern.

Please share photos and videos of the gifts you receive! It's the best part!


Imma get it this year

Should I?

The Dark Winter Lords have awakened!!! I will heed their call!




Bleep. I have contributed and disseminated my personal information to all the wrong parties. Submitted.

Okay. I have registered.

A few things to know about my gift:

It will be awesome.
It will be art.
It will not be what you requested.

Paleocon wrote:

It will not be what you requested.

The motto of 2023.

Strangeblades wrote:
Paleocon wrote:

It will not be what you requested.

The motto of 2023. :)

Title of my sex tape.

Mixolyde wrote:
Strangeblades wrote:
Paleocon wrote:

It will not be what you requested.

The motto of 2023. :)

Title of my sex tape.

I get this reference.

Oh yes! IN

farley3k wrote:

Oh yes! IN

Title of my sex tape....?