Palia - The cozy MMO

I stumbled my way into the closed beta of this one a few days ago. Open Beta starts 8/10.

Palia's aim seems to be to take the crafting/gathering side of an mmo and package that in a seperate experience. I can best describe it as "My Time at Portia", the MMO. Others like to describe it as Stardew Valley the MMO. Each server instance hosts about 25 people, and each individual has their own instanced homestead where they get the chance to assemble crafting machinery, furniture, garden plots, structures, and other decorative items as they see fit. The game is very much a grind, and it's FTP model is looking to be supported by cosmetics. AFAIK, you'll be able to keep progress from this closed beta, and open beta, through to launch. I'm guessing this will be in Early Access for some time now. They're hoping to have a Switch version out around the Holidays.

If the grind of gathering materials, and leveling up the skills required to do so, seems like something you'd be interested in, I'd recommend giving it a shot. I'll shamelessly plug my refrence link in the hopes of earning some silly hats.

Looks like it's worth a shot. Enjoy your hat!

I also signed up for the closed beta through your link. Looks cute, but FTP MMOs always make me hesitate.

Signed up as well. Enjoy your ... whatever you get for multiple signups!

Well that was quick - I just got an invite to the closed beta.

I got in tonight as well. Started the grind toward building your house and was met with some mobile-style time-gating. I assume at some point they'll sell boosts for that. Still, it's pretty, it's cozy, it's almost zero-stress so far. Not sure what the actual MMO aspects will be as you progress, but feel free to send a friend request to Sean Grimm if you want.

I watched this which helped a lot on what the game was. The guy is a little annoying in the video but there was a lot of great information. Seems a lot like Disney's Dreamlight Valley.

I've had my eye on this but haven't gotten an invite yet. I'll check it out tomorrow though!

I have been playing here and there.

Nothing catched me so far.

I kinda forgot I had the game installed.

But I don't feel the pressure of playing, so, which can be nice from time to time.

I just started this, and I'm enjoying it. The beta is open now, for anyone interested.

And if you want to use my referral code:

I installed this today (still open beta). Not sure if I'll keep at it, as there are a LOT of games coming up in February, but from the brief time I spent with it, it looks like fun.

Kinda wish it was on Steam, but I guess since it does updates via the launcher (I think) there's no real advantage to that. It will be on Steam eventually.