Remnant 2

GWJ Conference Call 877

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Rich and Amanda get into Sequels: Part 2 - what we're on the lookout for and what makes us interested in a sequel.

Games: Remnant 2, Arcadian Atlas, Flood It!, Alan Wake, Dave the Diver.

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00:02:20 Remnant II
00:17:50 Arcadian Atlas
00:24:24 Flood It! (mobile)
00:29:21 Alan Wake
00:29:46 Betrayal Legacy (tabletop)
00:32:38 Sequels
00:56:35 Your Emails

Stuff I want (more) sequels for:

XCOM 2: I would love an XCOM 3 with the lore and mechanics from Chimera Squad rolled into it. The mult-species squads, breach missions, and so on make for a really compelling mix and a brand-new alien threat (as is highly implied by the endings of both XCOM games) would be fantastic.

Slay the Spire: I know there are tons of mods (I've played lots of them!) but I would love to see more of the original developer's vision, particularly with several years of responses to the original game to draw upon.

Monster Train: Another solid deckbuilder that I really enjoyed, and another I'd love a batch of new official content for.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: I don't so much want a direct sequel as I want Owlcat to keep doing the old Pathfinder 1e adventure paths up as CRPGs. I would love to see them tackle Rise of the Runelords, Curse of the Crimson Throne, Skull and Shackles, Iron Gods, Hell's Rebels, Ruins of Azlant, and Strange Aeons in particular. Iron Gods would be my top pick, but I really wouldn't care that much if they kept at it.

Tyranny: With the stipulation that you pick up at the end of the "rebellion" path and play out the rebellion and fall of Kyros.

I agree wholeheartedly with Rich on Pillars of Eternity 2. That was clearly part 2 of a trilogy and I really want the third game.

Wasteland 3: I'd gladly take a Wasteland 4. I'd like to see one of these games set outside the borders of the US, at least partially. Putting one up in the Seattle/Vancouver area could be interesting to contrast the way the Canadian and American responses to the apocalypse played out. I'd also love to see one set in the upper Midwest; the Minnesota/Wisconsin/Upper Peninsula of Michigan/Sault Ste. Marie general area would be a good setting. I'd also take a Fallout game set in the same area.

Metal: Hellsinger: This game left itself open for a sequel, so I just hope the commercial math works out.

Inscryption: Well, more of a spin-off, really. I'd like act 2 expanded out to its own full-sized game.

There are probably a bunch more, but those are what's currently on my mind.

Remnant 2 has emotes... 2 sections off the ping button

I am constantly wondering when this magical time of people not being tribalistic jerks about games and criticism was that Rich seems to imply used to exist.

Podcast loaded and ready for the comute home.