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Release date: 20th October.

I waited a long, long time before dipping into the first Marvel’s Spider-Man and even then I was sure about the game after playing it for a few hours. In the end though, I came to adore it and was astonished by the care and love that went into the story and into portraying Spider-Man’s poise and athleticism.

Miles has been one of the best additions to the Marvel universe (Thank you Brian Michael Bendis) and I loved his stand alone adventure. Can’t wait to have both my favourite Spider-Men in the same game and to see what Insomniac can do with the PS5.

Showcase presentation

Story trailer

I didn’t watch the story trailer because I‘ve found that, sooner or later, I tend to regret doing so but the gameplay sequences from the first presentation were enough for me.

I may not get the game straight away. It may slip into next year. I’ll certainly wait for impressions and reviews. You loose nothing with such a small delay but it can be a wallet saver if a game that is a ‘sure thing’ inexplicable turns out to be an dud.

Edit: If there’s one thing I’d love to see in these games it’s Spider-Gwen/Ghost Spider. I don’t think it’ll happen in this game but I'd be delighted to be wrong.


It turns out I’d already made a thread for this game (not the first time it’s happened!) but I’m hoping to let the original sink without trace. Welcome to the new thread, same as the old thread. Here’s the original teaser:

Apparently there is a Twitch Stream looking back on Marvel’s Spider-man with some of the cast at 3pm tomorrow Twitch:

Edit: Here’s a trailer focusing on the open world:

Spider-Man 2 Isn't Just a Great Spider-Man Game, It's a Decent Superman Game Too

My favorite part of the first two Insomniac Spider-Man games is traveling across the city. The ability to swing from building to building, soaring through the air, all while taking in the sights and sounds of the city is just as enjoyable, if not more so, than anything else in the game. So, earlier this week, when I sat down to play a few hours of Spider-Man 2, I knew I would like that part. But I didn’t realize it could get even better.

That’s thanks to Web Wings, a new addition to the upcoming game which will be released for PlayStation 5 on October 20. The wings can be deployed at any point while in the air and Spider-Man—be it Peter Parker or Miles Morales—will blissfully glide through the air. It’s a serene upgrade to the already incredible traversal system, not to mention pretty handy in areas like rivers or parks that don’t have things to latch onto.
But now the city also has wind tunnels and, if you have the wings out and hit one of those tunnels, you get an exhilarating boost of speed. That’s where you no longer feel like Spider-Man, you feel like Superman. As the PlayStation 5's impressive graphics seamlessly zip by as you twist and turn down the streets of New York in mid-air, you can’t help but be really, really happy this game exists, but also really hopeful a team like Insomniac can give this type of care and feel to other heroes too.

Nice. More impressions. They’re all looking favourable so far.

Push Square


Do you need a controller to play this one and the last one?

The first one and Miles Morales, I’m not sure how they’d control with mouse and keyboard. They feel very natural with controller. This latest one is gonna be PS5 only for quite a while I suspect.

I watched this with one eye closed to avoid spoilers. It didn’t work. This, more than other videos, shows what folks saw in the chunk of game they played. We do get a better look at Lizard, who is astonishing, but it did feel quite spoilery.

Looks like everyone including, unsurprisingly, Skillup was at that event:

Edit: Sounds like there is going to be optional fall damage in the game. I like that idea. It could give the web swinging an extra intensity.

A charming little clip from Instagram.

Good sign.

It is often, isn't it? When they are willing to risk first day sales they believe the product is good.

Show’s confidence in the game.

I’m thinking of not buy it straight away because I have so many great games to play by the end of the year but I may succumb if there are lots of great reviews.

Let me know how early they get reviewers their copies before I regard it as a good or bad sign.

UpToIsomorphism wrote:

Let me know how early they get reviewers their copies before I regard it as a good or bad sign.

People have copies right now, so a very generous amount of time to review for this kind of game.

Venom is a bad guy again?

Looks like it. These games are very much their own continuity.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - Be Greater. Together. Trailer

Must… resist…. but likely…. Won’t….

Edit: It probably doesn’t need to be said but there are apparently a ton of spoilers out in the wild ahead of release. I’m trying not to let it influence whether I buy the game. I found myself speeding through God of War: Ragnarok became I was worried about learning story reveals and it didn’t feel great. At the same time I enjoy stories where I’m not sure what’ll happen next and learning about those things ahead of time kills a lot of the fun for me. It’s a little less of a problem in games as gameplay is also a big fun factor spoilers or no.

Edit 2: The review embargo lifts at 3pm for me.

Launch trailer but, according to Push Square, it reveals rather too much and it might be best to avoid watching it if you are sensitive to such things.

Reviews have dropped

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - Digital Foundry Tech Review - The Next Big Leap For PS5? - digital fountry

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - Easy Allies Review
*I stopped watching to post but the opening lines were so dumb I thought they deserved a mention - "there have been countless video game versions of ...." No, not really. Under 10 I think and that is even counting him being in stuff like Marvel Ultimate Alliance. So no the hyperbole of 'countless videos game versions' seems dumb.


I see Aunt May in the clips... but she's she got better?

I strongly recommend: Marvel's Spider-Man 2 - Skill Up
*a 31 minute review....way to long

Marvel's Spiderman 2 Review - Completely out of Control! - ACG
*20 minutes, what is up with this long review stuff?

SPIDER MAN 2 PS5 REVIEW - Happy Console Gamer

But those Kinda Funny folks take the cake with another 1+ hour review.

It sounds like nearly all of them platinumed the game.

I just assume construction workers are both in high demand and never out of work in this New York.

unrelated clip showing how busy new york has gotten!

A good Q&A.

Higgledy wrote:

Show’s confidence in the game.

I’m thinking of not buy it straight away because I have so many great games to play by the end of the year but I may succumb if there are lots of great reviews.

The first one came out a few days before my birthday so I grabbed it maybe a week late after I got some gift card money. Then I platinumed it. And got Miles when I got a PS5. Been looking forward to this one but waiting for reviews just in case. Looks like it's great. Probably going to jump in, even though Mario Wonder is already bought for Friday with a voucher. Can't remember the last time I bought 2 new games on the same day. But these 2 justify it.

Stele wrote:


Is that good? :D

Pretty good

Can't wait to get through this when I get through BG3. So I will probably res this thread sometime in 2025.

I haven’t dared buy BG3 yet. What I need is three to six months were no new games are released.

Higgledy wrote:

I haven’t dared buy BG3 yet. What I need is three to six months were no new games are released.

Maybe SAG-AFTRA will help you with that...