NFL 2023: The training camps thread


The Raiders have restructured Jimmy Garoppolo's contract, to free up $17m in 2023 cap space.

This is surprising given the injury waiver on Garoppolo's $22.5m guaranteed 2023 salary that the Raiders made him sign after he failed his physical in March. By restructuring a big chunk of it (ie. turning it into signing bonus, which is paid out immediately), the Raiders are seemingly giving up the waiver on a good portion of that money.

I'm not sure the waiver survives the restructure at all - hopefully the cap followers that get their hands on contract details can break that one down. But even if it did, I would have to imagine that most of that 2023 salary figure would now be unreachable from the waiver (the waiver also covered $11.25m of 2024 guaranteed salary, which could still theoretically be voided if the waiver is intact).

If the waiver is indeed still intact, it's likely been significantly neutered by this restructure. Which I guess we can only interpret as a vote of confidence in Garoppolo's foot health.

The 2023 season starts in ~48 hours, so it's time for the WEEK 1 THREAD.