NBA 2023-24 Season Catch-All

Gobert gets to spend the rest of his life watching himself lick microphones in documentaries about the early days of COVID.

I just watched the Wolves / Warriors game and it was the Warriors stream and their announcers are ridiculous in their over the top homerism. Klay clearly started that whole scuffle but they blame the other guy. Then Draymond comes in and puts Gobert in a sleeper hold and won't let go and they claim he was just trying to break it up. I mean home announcers are usually a little biased, but come on... it was the worst I've heard so far this year and I watch league pass games almost every night.

Draymond was trying to break it up.

Thing is he came in and tried to apply The Million Dollar Dream only because Gobert was not in a position for the Sharp Shooter.




I have never felt more washed. Thankfully, the tweet has some translations for everyone over 35.

Catching up on games from Wednesday and I see Chris Paul got ejected by Scott Foster yet again. There were like 10 games happening that night, I really don't understand why the NBA insists on having Foster ref games with Chris Paul. There is an obvious issue there that everyone knows about and the announcers even talked about when the game started and they announced the refs. Just have Foster ref one of the many other games going on, it is not like it is the late rounds of the playoffs where there is less choices. Even if they NBA feels they shouldn't have to, just face reality instead of perpetuating the problem. It is just baffling.

Tyrese Haliburton, huh?

The goods. He's got them.

Pacers fan forever but yeah it's been a minute since I thought we could win something. Paul George and Roy Hibbert kept running into that Miami big 3 wall in the playoffs. 9 years since a division title.

But yeah he's having double doubles in points and assists like 6 of the last 7. Fun to watch.

Roy who I always think of fondly when I remember this classic Lebatard spot

Oh man. The glory days of LeBatard.

33 and 9 but they lost to Portland last night. Oof.

I didn't even realize the Knicks are suing the Raptors.

This reeks of "Dolan is a jackass," so I find myself rooting against my own team.

Mitchell Robinson’s High School Coach Explains the Moving Story of How They Became Roommates

K Knicks can win the title this year.

Fine give them the tournament at least.

Are we sure a human wrote that article?

Prederick wrote:

Are we sure a human wrote that article?

Lol story true how it was written questionable.

Tyrese in Nov:
28.6 PPG
11.7 APG
53% FG
47% 3-pt FG

Only Michael Jordan (March 1989) and LeBron James (February 2017 and 2018) ever averaged 25 and 10 with 50 and 40 percent shooting in month.

Prederick wrote:

Are we sure a human wrote that article?

What if Shams Twitter account is run by AI?

A Shams sham?

Rat Boy wrote:

A Shams sham?

Pacers are going to win.

The tournament works. It's early December and there's an intense amazing basketball game.

And Tyrese finally got enough rebounds for a triple double. Nice!


Year 21.

The IST has fully won me over.

Also, Bucks-Pacers over/under gonna be a thousand.

I will never understand teams that are down by one point and draw up the final play of the game to shoot a three. It is literally the lowest percentage shot possible. You only need one point! Take a two and have a much better chance to win! I just don’t get it and I have seen it multiple times already this season. Even the Warriors did it against the Clippers on Saturday (I just watched the game).

Pacers make the IST finals!

Now to see who'll join them.

Another 15+ assist, 0 turnover game from Tyrese. He's tied John Stockton's record for a season, and it's the first week of December.

The Pacers are gearing up to aggressively pursue a “big, athletic two-way wing player” to pair alongside Tyrese Haliburton, per @wojespn:

“(The Pacers) are willing to give up picks and assets, because we believe we will be able to re-sign that player. They’re not going to lose him in free agency.”



Pacers Lakers tonight for a trophy. Takes me back to 2000. Maybe I'll dig the Reggie Miller jersey out of the closet.

I enjoyed the in season tournament, but these responses to the championship are killing me.





But yes, I enjoyed it too. I think the NHL has to get in on this immediately, because with their heavily European player base, those dudes will be all-in on it immediately, and the fans will adjust.

The soccer in-season-cup model is fun.