NBA 2023-24 Season Catch-All

Have about 8 minutes left in the Mind the Game podcast before I had to head to work.
I am loving it.
I would love to hear them go back even further when talking about their junior league coaches.
Because there is a whole can of worms when it comes to effed up things that happen that early in basketball that turn a hefty chunk of talent/potential off the sport in its infancy. Both basketball and football are incredibly cliquish and bullying from the get go. I mean I guess that is piss poor coaching at the root.

And then there is the whole physical development angle. Did you grow early and stall? Did you never grow until 19-20? (that is me in a nutshell) Did you grow and never quite get a handled on your size?

Anyways, looking forward to more.

It's great.

Also, fully agree with LeBron. Excluding MJ (and I'd even argue it then), Steph is one of the most influential players ever. He has fundamentally changed the way the game is played at every level, not just at the NBA. There are 10-year-olds pulling up from 30 now, because of him.

The most amazing thing about LeBron compared to other GOATs of their sport is his mind. The way he understands every single aspect of basketball to the finest detail is beyond anything I've ever heard from anyway else while also being the best at it.

Usually when you analyze the game, you over analyze and it ends up screwing up your game, which is based a lot on muscle memory.

For sure. Which makes his personnel moves all the more baffling.

I can’t wait to listen to this podcast.

Well entertaining double overtime tonight. But jeez the Bucks gave it away.

And a brilliant lob play at the end of regulation. Giannis missed but it looked like AD fouled him pretty good.

Bucks played tough in the first but ran out of gas in the 2nd OT.

Okay, so I am a Knicks fan, so I love these two, but...

...we have hit peak podcast. It's gotta stop. Laws and regulations must be passed.

Prederick wrote:

You don't have to like either of them, but JJ and LeBron talking deep about basketball strategy and X's and O's is great viewing.

Once they get the visuals to go with this, it'll be a GREAT podcast.

Episode 2 is out, and they get granular with the X's and O's.

Kelly Oubre's fine will be historic, but as the tweet says, this had to be EXHILARATING.

f*ckin' LOL.

Brunson goes for sixty one on 25-47 shooting.

And the Knicks lose because Wemby went 40-20-7 (and also because the Knicks got outscored by 24 points the 10 minutes Brunson was out).

We really are seeing something with this kid.

Watching those highlights Big Vic had this amazing drive from half court where he's going down the left lane, away from the basket and up/unders falling away. At 7'5".

He's got the height of Yao, but the lightness on his feet of a guard and the reflexes of I don't know who but he is quick. He just kind of floats around out there and then all of a sudden he expands like a crouching spider that bursts alive to snag its prey. It's kind of scary.

Damn, Mind the Game is SO good!

Won tickets to the Hornets game tonight. Portland kinda sucks too so maybe it will be competitive?

Anyway free lower level tickets, like 15th row mid court. Have to check it out.

Pics tomorrow.

My wife and I were in San Antonio a couple of nights ago and decided to check out Wembanyama (vs the Warriors). He was as advertised and the game was good. It will be a cliche forever, but in person it’s wild how tall he is compared to the other players on the court.

The thing that jumped out at me the most was how much he gets done without much structure to the offense and no post game. Once that team develops he’s going to be unstoppable.

My only picture of note is that when I was in the concourse on level 1 I happened on where the display case where they show their championship trophies. I don’t know why every team with a title doesn’t do this.


I thought they had more than 5 trophies...
Also, being a former long time Laker fan, I cannot "like" a picture of the Spurs trophies.
The Lakers would have had so many more trophies if it wasn't for the dreaded Spurs

DSGamer wrote:

It will be a cliche forever, but in person it’s wild how tall he is compared to the other players on the court.

Reminds me of how the first time I covered an MLS game, I was watching the players line up and going "half of these dudes are only taller than me because they're wearing cleats."

Stele wrote:

Won tickets to the Hornets game tonight. Portland kinda sucks too so maybe it will be competitive?

Anyway free lower level tickets, like 15th row mid court. Have to check it out.

Pics tomorrow.

Yeah pretty great seats. And for the sidelines they have a separate concession and bathroom area just for the lower 3 sections. Pretty sweet never had to walk far for anything.


Chauncey Billups to the Hall?

The f*ck outta here.

Why the Sabrina 1s are taking over the NBA shoe game

NIKE SELLS NINE standard colorways of the Sabrina 1s, also offering the option to customize. That has unlocked a bit of nostalgia for some players.

"When we were all in middle school, we definitely were making Kobes and LeBrons -- shoes we would never buy, but we always would just make them on the computer," said Haliburton, who wore a two-tone pink pair of Sabrina 1s on Wednesday night against the Brooklyn Nets.

"So it's pretty cool that [with] Sabrinas, you have the ability to do that. ... You see people making their own creations, putting their numbers on them. That takes us back to our childhood."

Nuggets rookie Julian Strawther created seven or eight customized colorways.

"They came out fire," Strawther told ESPN. "She put out a heater with her first shoe, so I gotta ride."


Top_Shelf wrote:

Chauncey Billups to the Hall?

The f*ck outta here.

I agree. I mean I like him and he had a few good years, but people already complain it is the hall of the very good, not the hall of the great. I guess averaging 15 and 5 and being a five time all star is enough to get you in these days.

I absolutely loved that 04 Pistons team. They were amazing and he was fun.

But if they're going to put in guys like that it's turning into the Super Friends version of the Justice League.

I hadn't looked at the standings in a bit. From the way I'd heard everyone talking about the Lakers, I thought they were barely or even over .500.

But no, that's for Eastern Conference teams.

I don't think anyone has faith that any of the Eastern Conference teams can beat the West in the Finals.

Note that Lakers have gone on a tear in the last 10+ games. Both they and the Warriors were very much at 500 just a few weeks back.

Please scroll to 7:20 in this video and post your reaction.

Here's mine.


I came here to post this. This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in the NBA.

I’m guessing Andre thought it was an oop to him and not a self oop. Either way, really funny stuff.

Except where his achilles popped five seconds later...