NBA 2023-24 Season Catch-All

One thing I like to point to is how specific the modern game has gotten.
Some decades ago there were precious few players that had automatic shot spots on the floor.
In today's game, every star has several points at all depths that are automatic.
There are also the players who "you have to stop them from going left". Yet try as you might and even through double teams, you hope to just limit them from "going left" because you can't stop them. Jordan certainly pioneered this concept. But it is now several players and some teams with more than one player you hope to limit them to ~20 points to have a chance to win. You hope they have a bad night. You hope they stop themselves by perhaps getting into foul trouble. Because you can't stop them otherwise.

Chairman_Mao wrote:

Maybe it's time for a 30ft 3pt line. Widen the court!

Except seriously, this should be a large part of it.

There has been talk of keeping the line as a curve instead of having it straighten in the corners, so the distance is consistent and there are no more corner 3s.

Prederick wrote:

Also, this is absurd:

Oddball addressed this today.

How much have things changed? The "7-seconds or less" Suns would be, by far, the slowest offense in the NBA today and take the least 3's.

Of the top 40 offenses in the history of basketball, 38 have occurred since the COVID season.


40k points 11k rebounds 10k assists is preposterous

Was watching NBA highlights tonight, and randomly got recommended Boban's 31 & 17 game against the Nuggets.

What I did NOT realize is that he did it the night the NBA suspended play due to COVID.

I turned 40 last year, and if I attempted to do any single thing LeBron does in this video.

Not in terms of an entire game, I mean any move from any single highlight, I would suffer a catastrophic injury.

A comparison of what happens if most middle-aged people tried...

If you're squeamish, maybe don't watch the video.


How different would things look if fouls led to a 5-on-4? What about if the 3-pt line moved back 3 feet? How about if rosters were reduced to 10? What if we started the season on Christmas and just did 50 games? How about a full league that had relegation and 20 teams/division?

Just some thoughts while I'm here in MIA for work and wanting a better product for what really is the best sport.

The age old NBA What Do? question.

I just don’t think it’s anywhere near broken enough to warrant such drastic changes.

Less games and no back to backs would be nice.

They still made money on the covid season and bubble tournament. I thought it might see the actual regular season shortened, but alas...

Yeah, they keep trying to figure out solutions to Too Many Games without.. reducing the games.

I just don't see "Less Games" happening in any major sport. Less games means less tickets means less TV money means less revenue for teams means owners demanding players take salary cuts.

I don't think you could get agreement from ownership or players on such a thing, even for "the good of the game."

I don't think "too many games" is a real problem. It has been 82 games since 1967, why after almost 60 years is it now an issue?

If I had my choice, I would first start with just enforcing the rules they already have. Call traveling. Call offensive fouls. Call lane violations and 3 seconds. All of these would help the defensive side.

Speaking of changes, am I the only one that cringes / gets a little mad when they see kids sitting court-side or second row? Almost every game giant multi-hundred pound humans go flying into the stands. How do you think a 50 pound 7 year old kid is going to hold up to that? It endangers the players because they will contort to avoid it, and it endangers the kids. If the parents are too stupid to not do it, which is obvious by how often it happens, then the arenas or teams should ban it. Is it really going to take for an actual tragedy where a kid dies or gets paralyzed or something for the obvious necessary action to happen?

I've also seen a bunch of people with tiny babies, obviously less that three months old, at games lately. This is just stupid and should also be banned. You don't take little babies with barely any immune system into a crowd of 20,000 people.

LOL at Luka being like "What the f*ck?!?!?!"

Left handed. It was pretty incredible

Gradey Dick plays for the Toronto Raptors.

Anthony Black plays for the Orlando Magic.

They played each other today, and at the end of the game....



David Stern would've had them murdered.

The fine is going to be historic though.

Dick seems to be enjoying it more.

Oh yeah saw the video on Twitter. They are talking then one runs to get photographer, and they are laughing as they switch spots.

Prederick wrote:

LOL at Luka being like "What the f*ck?!?!?!"

ESPN wrote:

Irving credited hours in the gym working on his off hand for this spectacular game-winner, which resulted him being mobbed by his Mavericks teammates and minority owner Mark Cuban at half court.

Somehow I don't think 'minority owner' is a phrase that any journalist should ever be using.

I mean, it is correct, which just makes it funnier.

Capitalists exploiter of labor fits best.

You don't have to like either of them, but JJ and LeBron talking deep about basketball strategy and X's and O's is great viewing.

Once they get the visuals to go with this, it'll be a GREAT podcast.

Cannot wait to watch that <3 <3 <3

Yeah, the potential here is through the roof. Like, I have zero idea what they're talking about, but I wanna know more.

I hope it is a series. Where they can get Steph and Tatum and Haliburton and whatshisface from Denver.
Butler, Fox, Luka, Giannis, Dame, and on and on would be amazing.
Especially if they went over recent game footage and theory crafted...