[Discussion] Cancelled (and other productive human inventions)

Is it just me or has the world dragged gaming into the cancel culture obsession? Or is this a product of our ability to analyse a persons first to last tweet on this planet?

Apologies but annoyed at the human standard or perfection when we are indeed ... only human.



Moved to DnD section, as this is a hot button issue for society right now.

Sojourn, it would be helpful if you could offer examples or describe your concerns in more detail so the conversation has some direction.

Wait, is Soujourn a real person? I just assumed they were a bot.

Why is there surprise that an industry that out-grosses Hollywood is a part of that same culture and reflects those cultural mores?

It ain't the 80s anymore. Gaming is not your niche hobby that the "casuals" don't grok. It's mainstream culture.

Howdy folks, ironic that a post around cancel culture gets cancelled out of the gate but I digress

Certis raises a solid point around context, and this is on me as I posted quickly last night as the thought took hold but I didn't do it justice.

So ...

I am a father of 2 children heading towards their teenage years (yes yes, a whole other rabbit hole and thread if people are keen) and the oldest, who is 11, will be receiving her first mobile phone (I am Australian) before heading into high school (or senior school in the US?).

When I grew up all the dumb stuff I did wasn't documented, the tweets unsaved, the videos unposted. In fact video wasn't really a thing (I am in my 40's for reference). I think failing is an extremely important part of the learning process, in fact I would describe some of the most inspiring people I know are not the ones who can punch hard (not literaly) but who can roll with the punches.

With cancel culture: the trend I am seeing is that your mistakes are less about a journey and more about zero tolernance for growth.

The issue I am grappling with is how to educate my daughters around internet engagement when they don't have anything near the relevant context and finally my own place in this space as I am starting to suspect I am that 'get off my lawn' person.

I am not advocating for ignoring hate speech. In any form. More trying to teach my children the value of making mistakes and learning from them.

As always, appreciate your views.

P.S Someone please explain why my post looks like I need to pick the "right way up zebra". I post rarely but have been kicking around for a couple of years

Greetings fellow non-bot!

Sojourn wrote:

P.S Someone please explain why my post looks like I need to pick the "right way up zebra". I post rarely but have been kicking around for a couple of years

Combination of short post with slightly odd syntax. Put succinctly, your post looked similar to many from bots we see round these parts.

Moving on to the meat of your post, I feel ya man, raising a 9 year old girl here. Wish I had some wisdom for you, but I'm on the same page that your teenage brain is not equipped to be making decisions that will come back to haunt them as an adult, and to that end, I'm going to keep my kid as far away from social media as I can for as long as I can.

(sidenote - if the sh*t I got up to as a teenager was documented and still available, I'd be the mayor of f*cking Canceltown)

I also accept that modern teenagerhood basically revolves around social media, so I'm basically kicking the can down the road as long as I can.

It's not even 'cancel culture' as much it's just internet-level dog piling for every little thing, and zero tolerance or acceptance for apologies or contrition. Many times a week I feel like I made a huge mistake bringing any children into this world at all.

I grew up with the internet to a different degree (31 y/o as of this writing - iPhones, Facebook & web-streaming video were in full force while I was in high school), but I think the lessons my folks & mentors taught me still hold true:

- Don't talk to strangers, curate your spaces
- The internet is forever, and so are your posts
- Be kind, but keep a critical eye

I'm also probably just unplugged, or at least have my spaces curated, to a point that I can't tell you of major modern incidents of minors/young teens getting "cancelled" for being young & youthfully foolish. And sure, it only takes one incident to make for a very rough time, but the internet is vast, and the wide wide majority of nonsense falls to the waysides.

Teach them the best you can, and be there to pick 'em up should they stumble. Maybe the internet won't provide them that "learning journey", but you can.

Hope this helps, and forgive me if I speak out of turn or place.

Welcome Sojourn - and as a fellow father of a teen I feel your concern. I think however you need to divide out teens getting cancelled for doing something stupid in Discord VS people in the industry getting cancelled for being absolutely awful. I mean you've got straight up rape allegations against guys like Jeremy Soule and stuff like the "Bill Cosby" room being set up by former Blizzard execs at cons.

And unfair cancellations are even more prevalent among women gaming pros who speak out.