AEW: Fight Forever

GWJ Conference Call 874

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Rich and Amanda are Joined by Beto O'Byrne of Radical Evolution to talk about media literacy and why it matters.

Games: AEW: Fight Forever, PotionCraft, Lies of P Demo, FFXVI, Neurocracy2049 Update.

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00:01:44 AEW: Fight Forever
00:20:33 Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator
00:25:37 Dave the Diver
00:26:31 Lies of P
00:32:31 Media Literacy
01:15:35 Thread of the Week

I think the biggest mistake I made with GamerGate (and that was also made with Trump) was not taking the threat seriously enough.

I thought the whole thing was so ridiculous. Surely Not All Gamers thought like that anymore? This deserved no response other than scornful mockery.

Unfortunately it was more serious than I realised—I was just privileged enough not to be in the direct line of fire. GamerGate set a precedent for so much toxic fan behaviour (eg review bombing, doxxing, targeted hate campaigns on social media) it warranted a more drastic response.