Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Spoiler Section

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Rich and Aaron are joined by Beto O'byrne to get spoilery on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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As noted at the top of the episode: Due to circumstances, there's to be a bit of a delay until the release of the regular episode for this week. Our apologies, and thanks!

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Full disclosure: have not finished listening to the episode yet but my spoiler thoughts on the game

Re: Bode


They pretty much tee-d the heel turn up in the opening cutscene with him being the only survivor, focusing heavily on his daughter, and the way he’s able to escape the Imperial pursuers so easily. Knew something was up with him from the get go.

Re: Bosses


I thought Rayvis was a much more interesting boss from a fight perspective and from a plot and story line perspective. His journey was something I wished they’d dug into more and explored. Seemed like a potentially complex and nuanced villain that was wasted.

Dagan had potential but angry raging as a trope Jedi is boring. His fights were boring and inconsistent. How did he just magically remember how to grow a first, then a second ghost Jedi arm? Why did it take him till fight 3 to be able to mind teleport you into an alternate dimension? None of his combat encounters or characterization made any sense at all. Very forgettable villain in my opinion.

Re: Overall character beats


Going to bring up the inconsistency here again. Seemed like there is so much room for depth with a lot of the characters yet a spotty willingness to go explore and flesh them out. Of everyone probably Skoova is certainly the most developed and interesting character. I think there’s an element of talking to him 12+ times but also his story is interesting and unique. Whereas I feel a lot of the other side characters are just flat or flat out boring. I don’t feel I know anything more about any of Cal’s ship mates despite spending a few hours with them in game.

Overall really really liked the game, it’ll be a top-10 on the year for me easily. But hope they can work on a few more rough edges for the inevitable third game.

I didn't quite realize how compressed development time for this game was when I was playing it. Its wild that they got something this well put-together out there in three years and I hope everyone is okay lol.