Cyber Knights: Flashpoint

Trese Brothers new game is coming soon. A time-limited demo is out on Steam this week if you want to try it for the next week.

Devs also doing live play session on Steam right now, and another promoted Stream of someone playing the demo on Youtube later tonight.

Pretty sure a few of us who played Star Traders: Frontiers threw in on the kickstarter a while back. But it's finally getting close, so letting everyone know.

Looks a lot like Invisible Inc isometric spy/combat gameplay style, with some XCOM base building between missions, and a whole lot of other stuff going on. 2 missions in the demo, although all of the base building is locked. But still was able to recruit a new member and send another 2 members on legwork missions in between the big fights. Seems fun.

I did the kickstarter, but man am I bad at modern stealth games...

Looks like they are still updating the demo. Patch today for the first mission. More characters to choose from, more pre-mission stuff. Kind of cool if you didn't try it yet.

I guess there's some Stealth Fest going on Steam so it's part of that now. The demo won't always be up between now and game release, but is up again if you want to try.

Early Access Oct 17

On Twitter they are saying story complete. There is a base building component to come still before it leaves EA. But they consider it playable now and don't want to hold it up.

Backer keys went out tonight. Activated and waiting for Tues

Stele wrote:

Backer keys went out tonight. Activated and waiting for Tues

Excellent, I'm looking forward to your thoughts on it.

Damn, I can't believe this is here too. Excited for this one - need to finish games soon lol.

I guess it's released. Discord announcement this morning. I'll get on PC at lunch break and install at least.

Looks like Robear was first to play on my friends list.

Can anyone can speak to the game's Steam Deck compatibility? I tried the demo on it and it was quite clunky.

I played through the tutorial, just 10 mins or so, but it was much more clear in explaining what can and needs to be done than the Alpha. I think I will have fun with this one.

It's not clear to me how you select your team, yet, but in the tutorial you just have the one character so don't worry about it.

Kronen wrote:

Can anyone can speak to the game's Steam Deck compatibility? I tried the demo on it and it was quite clunky.

The devs said there's a native Linux version running on Steam deck. Steam discussion

The first patch, which is also based on user feedback, is out. Looks like the support plan will be similar to that for Star Traders; weekly or so updates with frequent content addition.

There was definitely some jank in the menus. Like if you went into customize characters at the start maybe 1/3 of the icons were placeholder. But if you selected them they did apply. And you could customize with spacebar, change hair color or face parts, etc. It took me a few minutes to muddle through. It also seemed like you could choose your cyber knight and you could choose your final party member as a sniper or sword specialist. I'm guessing the one you didn't choose may show up in the story later?

Anyway first tutorial mission was a nice add from demo. Get you used to a few simple skills and combat at the end. Then the second mission was the rooftop from the demo. I stumbled through my first few turns trying to balance between stealth and combat then took a break for the night. Guess it will take some time to figure out what skills each team member has and how to best apply them.

Also the game only shows 4 save slots in the menu. But it seems there's an auto save. I accidentally quit without saving the start of rooftop mission and when I fired it back up it loaded from wherever. I wish there was a quick save/load. I was basically doing that with the manual saves on my first few turns, thinking I was moving into good cover only to get spotted. Or trying to kill an enemy but not being close enough or having enough actions to attack twice. I'm sure it will get better with experience. And there is a retry turn button in menu which seems to have no penalty. Maybe that's what I need to use for those situations.

They have not been shy about telling people to play something else and come back in a week or two on the forums. So they know things are more buggy that they would like. But it designated EA. And points for being honest.

Robear wrote:

The first patch, which is also based on user feedback, is out. Looks like the support plan will be similar to that for Star Traders; weekly or so updates with frequent content addition. :-)

Patch 2 out this morning already!

- Allow camera zoom and rotation during the enemy turn
- Wound Traits are sorted first on character details to be most obvious
- All Wounds adjusted to be Level 1 (as all Traits have levels 1-4) with much weaker starting debuffs. If the Wounds are left untreated they may upgrade
- Fixed bugged "1 Wounded" tag shown over Safehouse Barracks whenever someone started Legwork
- Added entries to Journal / Tutorial Library under "Glossary" to cover Hit Points, Injuries, Wounds, Bleeding Out and Death
- Added and replaced 16 Talent icons
- Fixed missing description for Soldier's Entrench Talent
- Fixed Knight's Centered training node actually reducing Evasion and Cover
- Fixed issues with 2 of Sniper's Pathfinder talent upgrades not properly linked ("")
- Fixed misconnection Cybersword tree from center to right quadrants
- Fixed Bio-Stitch Bandages PL 2 only having 1 use
- Fixed placement of the second mask where it was floating away from the face
- Extended deadline for Cube Run job by 25%
- Fixed ESC key / (B) for back in the Options menu

Trese Bros support and enhancement practices are no joke. There will be hundreds of these coming on a regular cadence, once the initial flurry quiets, if Star Traders is any indication of the way they work. Can't wait!

Legit have no idea how or when or if they sleep.

The Hive cares for all its members.

Another patch late last night, and another today. Sheesh. 4 updates this week.

And a Saturday patch #5.

Played a fair bit of this yesterday, I'm enjoying it so far. It definitely has that unpolished early access feel at the moment, which is totally fine and something I expected going in. It's also pretty opaque, much like Star Traders: Frontiers before it, but the help menu has some quite helpful videos I'd recommend to anyone getting overwhelmed.

The bones are good though, I'm really looking forward to seeing this get fleshed out a bit. I fully expect this'll be updated regularly for years to come as is the Trese Brothers standard.

Trese brothers enjoyed our coverage.

Giant Friday patch too. More new story content coming soon.

Wow! This game really does deserve its kudos. Any system that can make me succeed in a stealth game is brilliant.

And a Saturday patch with a new mission!

Patch 10

After patch 9 was a few hotfixes rolled up into one.

Patch 11

Another new mission, but this one is entered in the story right after the rooftop tutorial. A lot of feedback on the original mission (Cube Run) being too difficulty for so early, so this is intended as an easier 1st real job.

If you're already beyond that point in the story, it will insert this mission later still for you, so you don't have to restart. Pretty cool.