Help please laptop refusing to boot

Hi all not sure what’s happening here but I am stumped. My 5 year old Lenovo win 10 laptop crashed ( not sure how my wife was using it but was just transferring photos) when it restarts it goes to the Lenovo screen then into automatic repair mode before hitting a black screen albeit with a moveable cursor on it. I can’t get to safe mode because despite numerous hard restarts it just follows the same loop and most advice online revolves around at least getting to safe mode. I don’t have a boot disc for w10 either! Any advice greatly appreciated.

Try asking over in the random tech questions thread - probably will get more eyes on it than you would with a new thread.

You probably have to hold a button down to get to the boot screen to start safe mode. It is probably esc or one of the F keys or maybe shift or ctl. Its esc on my pc and f5 on my laptop and something else on my previous computer.