EA PGA ...Masters: Purple haze on Series X

One was a gift and the other I bought (Golf). I watched videos on setting up Series X and use HDMI cable that comes with it bescause it's super high. So I bought EA PGA (3-click!) and I have a purple color haze (or worse) on everything. I've gone to YouTube, but there seems no definitive answer (broken box; cable bad; connection bad etc. (although I have no problem with other games). Anyone have any answers or suggestions?(should I try a different HDMI cables that aren't 'super high'?)


Definitely swap out the HDMI cable as your first troubleshooting step.

I'm assuming this is a 4K TV and the Xbox is running at 4K? You'll want an HDMI cable that's modern enough to support that (ie. don't pull out a 10-year-old spare HDMI cable from the junk drawer). Otherwise, you might just be replacing one problem with another.

Also, you may want to experiment with connecting to different HDMI ports on your TV. There are often undocumented or barely-documented differences in HDMI ports on a given TV. My Samsung Q70R, for instance, was updated to support G-Sync over HDMI, but the feature ONLY works on HDMI 1. (On any other HDMI, the screen flashes between black and the picture, and is unusable).

It's not uncommon for certain gaming, low latency, etc. features to be limited to a specific HDMI port, and it's often hard to find that info. So give port swapping a try in addition to swapping cables.

Your TV's settings are also worth a look. Is there a "Game Mode"? Some TVs now can trigger Game Mode automatically when detecting that it's needed, but that detection may not be 100% reliable? Also, maybe it's trying to kick over to HDR or something? Worth toggling some TV settings like this on and off to see if there's a change in behavior.

Thanks much Legion for the information.