Shadows of Doubt

GWJ Conference Call 865

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Rich, Amanda, Allen, and Glendon get into A I for an Eye: AI's future in video games.

Games: Shadows of Doubt, Dredge, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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00:02:03 Shadows of Doubt
00:12:07 Dredge
00:17:15 Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
00:37:20 AI's Future in Video Games

As I mentioned in the forums, Shadows of Doubt is one of those games that'll have you thinking about a case when you go to bed and immediately after waking.

This discussion moved me from "never AI" to "sometimes AI".

I still dislike the AI that, say, scrapes all art it can find on the internet to make new art, because I think it's basically stealing, like Amoebic said. But if the List-O-Matic is AI, I love that application (thanks again Staygold) because it's a quality-of-life improver that lets me to spend more time looking at actual games instead of formatting a list.

Anyhoo, really informative discussion and nice to hear people have different views without screaming at each other.