A Space for the Unbound

GWJ Conference Call 863

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Rich, Aaron, and Amanda discuss what's in a name.

Games: Strayed Lights, Dredge, Blasphemous, A Space for the Unbound, Wartales, Season: A Letter to the Future, Wildfrost

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00:02:22 Strayed Lights
00:09:29 Dredge
00:16:02 Blasphemous
00:23:37 A Space for the Unbound
00:28:07 Wartales
00:32:30 Season: A Letter to the Future
00:36:15 Wildfrost
00:43:16 What's in a Name?

Another great ep, well done all, especially to keep the energy levels up after some false starts.

One point on the name topic:

I think part of the weird usage of "Simulator" in game names is down to Roblox.

In Roblox, a "Simulator" game just means an open-ended one with no real end phase or win state. They are more like clicker games than the "pure" sims (like truck driving or farming sims): you collect resources every so often and have skills on a cooldown and go around doing whatever, either griefing other players or building your own avatar up. It just goes on, without an end. You respawn if you die, and you just quit when you are tired of being in the game.

Loved the conversation on naming.

One other thing that is killing me is the naming of remakes, remasters, or re-releases (also now a problem with Final Fantasy games). Combined with subtitles, "Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen" was one that I remember just not being able to get past the name, and thinking it must be a full sequel so I'm not going back to the original etc.

If any game is going to get renamed to "Inventory Simulator," it has to be No Man's Sky! What a pain in the ass.