NFL 2023: The draft / post-draft / preseason thread

I watched more of Netflix's Quarterback and I'm so pissed at it.

When I first saw the show was happening and who was going to be on it, there was ONE event that I thought would make the whole show worth watching: Mariota's abrupt departure from the team, post-benching.

So they built it up as a cliffhanger at the end of one episode, and in the next episode... meh. We get a couple of Arthur Smith press conference answers. We get Mariota back at his Las Vegas home, having already fled Atlanta, doing dad stuff and saying how he decided he needed to do knee surgery right away (as the excuse for leaving the team). Nothing from the teammates he just bailed on, no footage taken of actually discussing and deciding to leave the team (and town). Just some press conference answers and a time skip ahead, and now Mariota's probably out of the show entirely.

I also hate that Kirk Cousins is by far the best part of the show. I'm on episode 6 or 7, and he's flat out carrying the show at this point.

The whole show makes more sense once you realize that it's being co-produced by 2PM Productions, ie. Patrick Mahomes' production company. It's a giant self-insert. The Mahomes parts take up most of the show, and they're the least worth watching. If anything at all interesting happened around Mahomes, it must have been filtered out in a Mayock Raiders Hard Knocks style edit approval process.

*Legion* wrote:

I also hate that Kirk Cousins is by far the best part of the show.


What a goofball.

Jags backup CB Chris Claybrooks has been arrested for domestic violence. He was arrested once already a few months ago for misdemeanor DV, this time he's stepped it up to felony false imprisonment along with another misdemeanor DV.

Hopefully the next story out of Jacksonville is him getting cut. Can you at least manage that, Baalke? Probably so, because Claybooks was a scrub (47 total snaps played last year, targeted only 3 times), so it's easy for a GM to make that cut.

I hope he wasn't counting on much from that merch store he opened up back in March:

His name makes him sound like an off brand gameshow host.

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Josh Harris says there’s a “pretty good chance” that they’re going to change the team name again. Good.

Oh God, he's going to change it back.

While there isn't a timeline for a name change, new ownership isn't shy about using the old racial slur name in polite conversation:

Some nevertheless are suggesting a return to the former name, the dictionary-defined slur that Daniel Snyder said he would all-caps never change before finally doing so. In a Friday tweet, Magic actually used the term in reference to the team’s alumni. Majority owner Josh Harris said it twice during a press conference on Friday.

We’re told the Commanders do not expect to bring back the abandoned name. That’s not the same as conclusively ruling it out. The fact that Magic and Harris both used it on Friday could possibly be regarded as an unofficial trial balloon. And Magic has the charisma to find a way to make a persuasive and compelling case for using it again, despite the clear concerns that led to its ouster.

*Legion* wrote:

I watched more of Netflix's Quarterback and I'm so pissed at it.

I don't disagree that Quarterback was a 'warts and all' documentary... without the warts and without all of the 'all'. But I'm not sure that it was realistic to expect more. No sports league in the World is going to greenlight a show that will make it, and its participants, look sh*t.

But I think it did a pretty good job of showing something of what life is like for different tiers of quarterback. The superstar at the top of the profession. The successful pro. The struggling journeyman. The one archetype missing was The No. 1 Draft Pick Rookie.

And yes, Kirk Cousins comes across fantastically well. Though I'd say that the players' wives also do a lot of the carrying of the show.