GWJ Conference Call 859

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Rich and Amanda are joined by returning guest Beto O'Byrne of Radical Evolution to revisit Games of Revolution.

Games: Root (PC), We Bare Bears: Match3 Repairs (Android), Kriegsfront Tactics demo (PC).

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about, or whatever else is on your mind.

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00:01:31 Root
00:14:37 We Bare Bears: Match3 Repairs (mobile)
00:20:04 Kriegsfront Tactics
00:26:28 Beto O'Byrne from Radical Evolution

This episode was titled 858 in my feed. And thanks for putting another match 3 on my radar! I love them too and was getting a bit bored of Puzzle Quest 3 and Gems of War.

Yeah, that's a mistake on our end. Apologies for the confusion.

Rest assured, 858 is the one where Daryl exuberantly expresses his opinion on Code Vein, this one is indeed 859. 860 is the most recent one until tomorrow, when an excellent 861 drops (and in which I talk about the D&D movie, which I saw live with Beto O'Byrne, who is in this one!)

I like this Beto guy. He's a keeper.

From the title I thought "We Bare Bears" was going to be about...something else. But it turns out it's the wholesome Candy-Crush-with-a-plot I didn't know I needed.

Kinda surprised Final Fantasy Tactics didn't come up in the discussion. I recently learned that the semi-popular quote image about crimes that are punished by fines aren't really crimes for the rich wasn't actually in FFT. Someone just made that because they thought it sounded like something from that game.