MLB 2023 Season - The Winter Stove of Warmth

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The random championship generator gave us Arizona and Texas. (Flips coin). Arizona D-Backs will win!

My lucky nickel I got off the ground had a rough start.

Now that the season is almost over, what do people think about the rule changes that were implemented?

I wasn't a fan of how the pitch clock affected strategy/etc, but I'm watching the Japan Series at the moment and it's a very noticeably slower game. Not to mention starting the broadcast at 6pm to keep the game from going too late.

I'm still against it in my heart, but it's probably a good change..

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let's see how well this ages:

Texas is going to drop like a bomb through balsa wood and the Yanks make the playoffs.

This is going to be an Uno reverse all-timer, at this rate.

Prederick wrote:
Prederick wrote:
Chairman_Mao wrote:

let's see how well this ages:

Texas is going to drop like a bomb through balsa wood and the Yanks make the playoffs.

This is going to be an Uno reverse all-timer, at this rate.

Hey at least it's not Houston!

the lesson here is that the 2022 mets failed because jacob degrom and max scherzer were both healthy in the playoffs

EDIT: Will Smith (not that one) now has three straight WS wins with 3 different teams.

And Bruce Bochy now has 4 WS titles, 5 appearances with 3 different teams in 3 different decades, and has ONE playoff series loss dating back to 2010.

Like... we gotta start talking about him in THAT kinda air, don't we?

Popping in real quick to say WOOOOOOOOOOO.

EDIT the next morning: I was able to track down the audio of the radio call. The voice you hear is that of Eric Nadel, who has been calling Rangers games since before I was born, and who's voice filled up the summer nights for me for many years as a kid. His voice, and the way he could paint the scene of the game like a picture in your head, was baseball to me for a long time. He's called many, many games, and through the futile years and through the heartbreakers. I'm happy for many things, and one of which is for this man.

Carlos Mendoza is now manager of the Yankees Mets.

Steven Vogt is now manager of the Guardians.

Craig Counsell is now manager of the Cubs.

It's like the inverse of Black Monday in other sports.

I'm on two cups of coffee trying to shake the time change here!

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I'm on two cups of coffee trying to shake the time change here!

So say we all RB.


I always wish the best for Ron, I like him.

That said, I hope he enjoys his check for four years of nada with the Angels.

That's not why I posted that.

Gotta take your fiber.

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That's not why I posted that.

Didn't even clock that the first time.

Need to watch the pitchers for brown foreign substances

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A's won't have a permanent home from 2025 to 2027 because their lease to play in the Oakland Coliseum is up after 2024 and the Vegas move is expected to happen in 2028, per

A's plan to play in their Triple A park in Nevada, Oracle Park in San Francisco and more

Shohei wins MVP, surprising no-one.

Every team vying for him is going to brag about their cities' dog parks.

If you're looking for something to do in the offseason, and you haven't seen it yet, I cannot recommend Jon Bois' documentary on the history of the Seattle Mariners enough.

I mean, I'm a Yankees fan and they're unquestionably my second team now.


Once again, read it wrong at a glance and was.... surprised.

Could Ohtani and Yamamoto join forces with the Dodgers?

Nov. 21: Can Dodgers land Ohtani and Yamamoto?
After staying relatively quiet a year ago, the Dodgers appear to be dreaming big this offseason.

According to MLB Network insider Jon Heyman, the club is potentially looking to land the players widely considered to be the top two free agents on the market: Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto.

“The Dodgers love Yamamoto, they are the one team really thinking, ‘Maybe we can sign both Yamamoto and Ohtani,’” Heyman said Tuesday on MLB Network.

Given the types of contracts Ohtani and Yamamoto are projected to command, signing both could require an outlay of more than $700 million in guaranteed money.

If Ohtani and Yamamoto do join forces with the Dodgers, it wouldn't be the first time the two Japanese stars teamed up. They previously played together for their native country in the 2023 World Baseball Classic, helping Samurai Japan win gold.

The Dodgers have also been linked to free-agent pitcher Blake Snell and trade candidates Corbin Burnes, Willy Adames and Dylan Cease, and Heyman reports that they checked in on Aaron Nola before he re-signed with the Phillies.

did the Dodgers get bought out by the Saudi PIF and I didn't notice?

I hate the MLB off-season. It drags on forever and goes at a glacial pace. Makes perfect sense compared to the insanity that is the NHL off-season that lasts like 5 days or the NBA off-season that involves at least 3 trade demands from superstars who already demanded to be traded to the team they want to be traded from but it's far less entertaining.

A few days late, but a nice writeup by Joe Sheehan covering the two owners who made news recently:

The wealthy, though, the .01%, they can chart their path as they wish, their deep reserves serving as both a battering ram to success and a cushion against failure. With the sort of wealth people like Seidler and Fisher are born into, you can do anything you want with your life, and in doing so, you can determine how people regard you. The people who own baseball teams are all in this group, and for any one of them to say to a fan “It’s been a lot worse for me than for you” isn’t just insulting, it’s barely human

Adrian Beltre will probably be the lone first-ballot HoFer this year. Totally deserved. I know he disappointed offensively while he was in Seattle (though he was nowhere near as bad as a lot of Mariners fans seem to think), but he was a joy to watch play 3B every day.

Sounds like Juan Soto is unofficially officially a Yankee.

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Sounds like Juan Soto is unofficially officially a Yankee.


At first I thought the Bluejays Ohtani rumors were ha-ha funny. But it looks like they have a real shot landing him.

Supposedly in Toronto today. SI even posted an article saying it was done but it's SI of AI writing fame and it doesn't look like any other news outlet is running with anything finalized.

Would be the biggest coup for Toronto sports since Kawhi so not so long ago but Ohtani eclipses that.

I'll be full blown on the Jays bandwagon then. Was an A's fan as a kid but considering what's going on with them I feel like I can justify the switch.

Shohei to Toronto would be a huge shock. Not impossible, not like Shohei to Tampa Bay or something, but yeah, this would probably be the biggest signing in the city's sports history.