MLB 2023 Season - The Winter Stove of Warmth


It's still February, but Spring Training has officially begun, even if it seems kind of insane for it to be happening.

Then again, it was nearly 70 in NYC on Valentine's Day, so why even travel to Arizona to play the games?

Anyway, the new season is almost upon us, with new bases and a new pitch clock that should be very interesting to try and get used to.

Based on that video, it's definitely going to speed up the game, although I'd argue that maybe it could be pushed to 20 seconds rather than 15 between pitches. I am very excited to see how Max Scherzer is going to freak the f*ck out over it though.

A video of Chris Sale pitching instantly answers the question "why did Chris Sale get Tommy John surgery?"

Prederick wrote:

Max Scherzer loves new MLB rules, says pitchers 'totally dictate pace'

Huh. Did not have him liking it.

I appears his statement is true. Hot Stove (MLB Network) discusses this and while the batter can't see the clock, the pitcher can and delay or hurry or whatever their delivery keeping batter in even more edgy. If he steps out to get his head back into it, he ends up in the same position, but now can't step out without a penalty.

So far the players seem to be enjoying the rules and especially fan's with more hits and athleticism being displayed.

Games were too long. I like it

They've already trialed it in the minors, and broadly, the players quickly got used to it AND were in favor of it. So the traditionalists online are just going to have to piss and moan as I assume they did when they started telling fielders that they couldn't leave their gloves in the field while they hit.

Meanwhile, Umpless inning!

I assume I'll be a fan of the clock when watching a TV broadcast and less enthused if I happen to be catching a radio broadcast. One of the joys of a good announcer is their ability to tell stories, and having listened to a few innings of a spring game over the weekend, there was way less time for (for lack of a better phrase) the game to breathe.

Everyone with a sub to The Athletic should check out the Oral History of Joey Votto (with commentary by Joey Votto). Really good stuff.

Every once in a while I think of canceling my subscription, but there’s just enough great stuff in there to make it worth it.

Oldheads are mad, but here's a dude getting struck out in 20 seconds of real-time.

This is about to be the funniest MLB season since steroids.

EDIT: Oh, this is gonna be fun.

The WBC has begun, and it absolutely whips.

Trying to imagine how filled with rage this makes older MLB fans. Everyone looks like they're having fun!

The Czechs are here too! They've got literal firemen on the team!

All of this is delightful.

Can we just let Taiwan play all of their games at home?

Not even out of the first inning and it's somehow, inexplicably Great Britain 1 - 0 USA.

I'd make a joke about how are we losing to people used to swinging cricket bats, but the entire roster is pretty much Americans.

@SickosCommittee wrote:

Klay Thompson's brother is hitting dingers off the U.S in the World Baseball Classic for Great Britain, the sickos vibes are off the charts

I think they should've absolutely been forced to pick a bunch of randos from Hull, Manchester, and Brighton to play, none of this "I qualify via one of my grandparents" nonsense. Current citizenry only.

Mostly because it'd be much, much funnier.

Also, TIL that in the inaugural Baseball World Cup in 1938, Britain wiped the floor with the U.S.




Shohei Ohtani with Ondrej Satoria, the electrician that struck him out

The Mets' luck remains the Mets' luck.

Star New York Mets closer Edwin Díaz suffered a right knee injury Wednesday night during the on-field celebration of Puerto Rico's victory over the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic, turning a celebratory moment somber as he awaits imaging Thursday to determine the severity of the damage.

After Díaz struck out Teoscar Hernández to seal a 5-2 win that knocked out the tournament favorite, he was hugged by his brother, Cincinnati Reds reliever Alexis Díaz, and eventually encircled by reveling teammates. The players began jumping together but stopped when Díaz collapsed in the middle of the group.

As Díaz writhed on the ground, his brother and other players for Puerto Rico, runners-up in the last two WBCs, were moved to tears. Díaz was helped off the field, struggling to put weight on his right leg, and was later wheeled off to receive medical attention.

Díaz will undergo an MRI on Thursday to further assess the injury. Multiple sources told ESPN they feared the injury could keep Díaz out for a significant period, though they hesitated to place a timetable on it until they see the results of further tests beyond the X-rays taken at the stadium.

That sound is Steve Cohen screaming.

On the bright side, any doubt that Diaz is a met at heart has been removed.

Also, the fact that the Mets is the one sports team across all sports whose date I still have any emotional stake in goes to show just how deeply ingrained my masochism is.

This'll be the last WBC with MLB players.

I doubt it. Enough players seem to love playing for their home countries that the owners would have to agree to some other demand in the next labor agreement for the players to give teams control over who can/cannot play in the WBC.


Okay, that explains it. Because I was about to say, I don't think Mexico makes em' as dark as Randy Arozarena. (I GET TO SAY THAT, I'M BLACK)

The WBC has been a blast.

Prederick wrote:

The WBC has been a blast.

Is anyone on GWJ setting up a fantasy baseball league?

Roki Sasaki. Yikes.

This is, like, incredible baseball. The WBC has just been BANGERS, one after another.


What a F**king game

@SickosOfSummer wrote:

Why are Ohtani and Trout so happy. These games are meaningless. They should be getting ready to play games in late august for a 52-75 Angels team. Thats the real sh*t

Trea Turner, really MURICA-ing the sh*t outta this tournament.