F1 2023 Season Spoiler Filled Race Talk

Heh, we're definitely on the same page, the same occurred to me.

Ricciardo at this point must know he'll never be champion, so he's willing to settle into an elder statesman role at RB. And he works in that role until they can fix their talent pipeline through Alpha Tauri.

And now I'm obsessing over the idea of Hulkenberg in RB's second seat, he's never had a really good car and I'm pretty sure he could handle the pressure so he'd be a great choice.

It will also be interesting to see what happens to Tsunoda after 2025 and the RB/Honda partnership ends, because he has Honda backing. Will there be pressure to move him to Aston Martin as part of that new partnership?

It would be good for the pipeline because he's not really a contender for a Red Bull seat IMO so Ricciardo going to RB 2025 (probably 2024) to open a space for Lawson, Tsunoda going to Aston/elsewhere bringing in another young driver in 2026

Yeah, that all basically sounds like the most likely scenario to me for sure.

As soon as the qualifying was called off I changed channels so I don't know if this was in the transmission. The weather during Q3 didn't just wash away everyone's fast laps. It also ripped the roof off the grandstand.


Oh man. I normally watch F1 TV, but my folks have cancelled their subscription for the year because the late season races are all really late and now I'm watching on Sky.

Martin Brundle's grid walk is one of the cringiest things I can imagine.


That Keanu Reeves documentary appears on Hulu today.


He's 99% correct.

F1 has cancelled the first practice session of the first ever Las Vegas Grand Prix due to a loose drain cover

They then kicked all the paying customers out before P2 because they didn't have the manpower to look after them. So people paid and queued for hours to get in and then saw nine minutes of practice.

Luckily Americans don't have a reputation for being litigious about this sort of thing...

Finished the Brawn doc. Very well put together show, the FOTA/breakaway stuff was probably the most interesting part.

I wasn't following at the time so I didn't know how close they were to leaving the FIA. Ecclestone is a mother f*cker though.

Ultimately a pretty decent race. Leclerc's last pass on Perez was epic after he had thrown away the position earlier.

AlphaTauri becomes Visa Cash App RB F1 team

Delightfully stupid. Love it.

The Red Bull-owned AlphaTauri Formula One team changed their name on Wednesday to Visa Cash App RB, a mouthful likely to be shortened by most commentators to the last two letters, and announced a livery launch in Las Vegas on Feb. 8.

The deal is part of Visa's first major global sports sponsorship in more than 15 years with a multi-year agreement to partner the newly-named team and dominant world champions Red Bull Racing.

Love it.

Why am I so broken that "Red Bull" sounds normal, but "Visa Cash App" sounds crass?

Aristophan wrote:

Why am I so broken that "Red Bull" sounds normal, but "Visa Cash App" sounds crass?

15 years of familiarity. It felt weird back then. But also, VISA CashApp is awful branding.

Yeah, Red Bull sounds like it could be the name of a team.

VISA CashApp is just total corporate branding.

Yeah I think the real issue is the RB part imo.

Like for example, VISA CashApp Torro Rosso may be a mouthful, but has a flow and an actual name in it. VISA CashApp RB lands like a cow turd on the ear. And there's a big team with the initials RB already. You'd think the branding department at Red Bull would have heard of it.

And love them or hate them, Red Bull marketing and branding has always been world class. It's the only way to make medicine-tasting, heart-attack soda popular. So this mess is puzzling.

Related but separate, I didn't initially didn't understand the fuss was when all the F1 YouTubers were complaining about the controversy over Stake taking over the name for Sauber. So I looked it up and saw it's an online gambling thing. Sure that's bad, but so is crypto.com and the various petrochemical greenwashing initiatives all over the sport.

Then I found out it's gambling and crypto, and banned in many countries, and that hilariously was hacked for $41 million in September. https://hacken.io/discover/stake-com...

The money in the sport is a joke.

Aristophan wrote:

Why am I so broken that "Red Bull" sounds normal, but "Visa Cash App" sounds crass?

It's not "Red Bull," it's just "RB." So it could mean anything you want... Roast Beef, Running Backs, Reverse Brexit... your choice.

The reveals of 2024 cars is about to start with Haas this week.

2024 Livery Release Dates:

Haas - February 2
Stake F1 Team (formerly Alfa Romeo) - February 5
Williams - February 5
Alpine - February 7
Visa Cash App RB (formerly AlphaTauri)- February 8
Aston Martin - February 12
Ferrari - February 13
Mercedes - February 14
McLaren - February 14
Red Bull - February 15

I've been anticipating an extra silly "silly season" this year with so many drivers out of contract at the end of 2024, but I didn't expect it to start this early and with this shocker:

Hamilton on verge of move to Ferrari for 2025

Blackice wrote:

I've been anticipating an extra silly "silly season" this year with so many drivers out of contract at the end of 2024, but I didn't expect it to start this early and with this shocker:

Hamilton on verge of move to Ferrari for 2025

Looks like it's official now.

Pretty wild -- and while it's understandable on both parts, I'm not sure it makes sense.

While the days of Ferrari wearing clown shoes in terms of their car development and race operations have certainly come to a middle, I'm not sure they're going to be over by 2025. So, if Hamilton sees this as a situation where Ferrari might give him a better chance at a final championship win than Mercedes in his last season or two... yeah, I'm not convinced he'll be getting what he wants. (I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I am.) Sure, Mercedes has been struggling for the last couple of years, but they just seem like a team with an overall focus, direction, and culture that's more likely to get back to challenging for the top spot with some good luck and hard work.

But, maybe he just wants to be able to say he drove for Ferrari, and sure why not?

Meanwhile, does Ferrari really need to have yet another stint of wasting the last couple years of an all time great talent? Especially when they have a VERY solid pair of drivers now? There are very obvious reasons why Ferrari didn't win the last few years, and precisely none of them were Carlos Sainz. In fact, I'd say he helped drag them to better results than they deserved on multiple occasions. Sure, he's not the same caliber of driver that Hamilton is, but he's more than good enough to be there -- and crucially, to be there for a good long time, which seems a lot more like what Ferrari actually needs than a one or two year roll of the dice to see if they can be the ones to give Hamilton one more win.

Anyway, it's definitely going to be interesting -- both in 2025 when it actually happens, and in the incredibly weird way the 2024 season is likely to play out given the dynamics caused by change like this being settled on this early.

It feels like Hamilton has seen something in the new Mercedes that has made it seem like it's better to go for the uncertainty of Ferrari. As if he may not have a chance for #8 at Ferrari, but he definitely doesn't at Mercedes.

And worst case scenario he gets a chance to drive for Big Red and get a cool company car.

Lego announced some new F1 models coming out in March:

McLaren MP4/4 and Ayrton Senna
Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance

The big McCarlen car that came out a few years ago was hard to find when it was released. The Mercedes I imagine will be just as popular, if not more so.

I'm very tempted to get the Senna one.

so..... Christian Horner, huh?

Shocked, absolutely shocked I say.

Going to be very interesting to watch this season of "Christian Horner Smugly Preens" on Netflix given the new (and again, entirely shocking!) context that is being revealed this week.