Wild Hearts Catch All

I don't know if this game will be popular or good enough for its own thread but I liked this article and thought I would post it. I know based on this article that I am out. I drop 90% of games to easy already so I can't imagine playing one the developers find hard.

Wild Hearts Is So Tough That Even Its Own Developers Have Trouble With It

The mighty Kemono – the creatures inhabiting Wild Hearts, the new monster hunting game by Koei Tecmo and EA – aren’t easy. In fact, they’re hard enough that even one of the game's directors has trouble defeating his own creations.

"I have quite a lot of difficulties," Wild Hearts co-director Takuto Edagawa says with a laugh. "When we look at [the toughest Kemono in the game], those ones I die [against]. If I'm not properly prepared, I'll go in and I'll be killed."

But luckily for Edagawa, a helping hand is always close by — literally. His development partner, co-director Kotaro Hirata, smiles and says, "I'm totally awesome at [Wild Hearts], actually."

The Omega Force division of Koei Tecmo is primarily known for Dynasty Warriors, the wild power fantasy series that sees players effortlessly taking out hundreds of foes at a time. With Wild Hearts, which will seek to capture the appeal of Capcom’s popular Monster Hunter series, Koei Tecmo is well aware it is developing a very difficult game. Edagawa and Hirata want you to fear the Kemono, the nature-infused beasts that inhabit Wild Hearts' world.

But the development has also been careful to introduce several mechanics to encourage players new to the monster hunting genre to give Wild Hearts a try.

I am sure there are people that that appeals to. And then there is me, playing God of War Ragnarok on Story Mode and still having trouble with some Berserkers.

KT published Nioh, but didn't develop it I guess? Figured this was just evolving that when I first heard about it. Definitely looks interesting.

I’d signed up for EA Pro to play the Dead Space remaster, so it’s nice to be able to check this out. So far, so good. The last Monster Hunter I played was World, and there’s plenty of ways the gameplay here rhymes with that. The building mechanic is interesting, I’m curious to see how it develops.

The giant beasts you hunt are stunning. Magnificent.

As I mentioned in the week ahead thread, I'm really looking forward to checking this one out, but I'm going to let it cook for a couple of months and stall for some performance patches first. It sounds like PC performance atm is rough.

From what I'm seeing, most of the major Monster Hunter content creators are enjoying this quite a bit. That's a good enough recommendation for me.

Here's a video on picking a weapon from one of them:

I'm definitely going to be checking out the parasol.

I am about 20 hours into MH: Rise so probably a bit close to that at the moment but I will definitely be trying this once I have some distance from that and it is on sale.

Picked up on ps5

I saw you post some pics on Twitter, Amoebic. Anyone else pick this up?

I got it on Xbox but it released the day before Like a Dragon Ishin so who knows when I’ll play it.

My sessions are tagged GWJ, pwd Stan. Good luck been having trouble staying connected to the EA servers all day.

(Finding it difficult to connect/stay connected to the EA servers...)

Today I spent a few hours playing on the PS5. Online was stable for me today, and I was able to both get into rando's sessions and have randos come into mine. Pro tip: you can turn off voice chat in the menu.

So far it's been pretty fun. I like the building system more than I thought I would. In some ways it makes me slow down, because I am looking around the field trying to decide were to place some crates or a wall, rather then just running up and whacking the monster.

World is the MonHun I played the most, so I also appreciate the simplicity of some of the other systems (no sharpening for instance). However, weapon crafting looks more complex as you wind your way down a tree.

I had an epic hunt against a big fiery ape. Eventually I I had some multiplayer assistance, but I'm guessing that also increases the HP of the creature. Honestly, my biggest difficulty with this game is sustaining damage on the monster. I hope to unlock more weapons soon and try them out.

After getting through the ape hunt, the rest of Chapter 1 was not as difficult. Chapter 2 allows you to craft the rest of the weapons, and I have really enjoyed the claw blade. I struggled with it at the beginning, but this video helped:

Hello? Hello?

Quiet thread.

I've continued to enjoy my time with Wild Hearts. A few days ago I got stomped in the last phase of an icy dog, but that was before I had spent much time upgrading. After taking a few days off, the last few play sessions have been working on upgrading my gear. For the most part, multiplayer works, and it makes the hunts so much more fun.

I’m curious about the game but haven’t pulled the trigger because I’m busy with other games at the moment and MH style games tend not to hit the same high mark as actual MH for me. Kind of a megablox v. Lego situation.

I played through the first two monsters and was really enjoying myself but it just came out at a bad time, between Ishin and Sons of the Forest and a few other games, there’s just too much else I’d rather be playing right now.