[Discussion] Your Fave is Problematic: HP and Hogwart's Legacy


This thread is to discuss the many concerns and issues with this franchise, the problematic nature of supporting it, and the indoctrination of fascism and white supremacist dog-whistling within it's content as well as the beliefs and behaviours of it's creators.

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Ah yes, the care/treatments/drugs used for this purpose for decades are 'experimental' dogwhistle. Quelle suprise.

The medical apparatus designed at every step to treat a trans outcome as a negative result actually produces outcomes we don't want? (e.g, people transitioning) Time to whip up a moral panic about how there isn't enough gatekeeping!

This conversation isn't and has never valued the health and well being of trans people, it is and has always been about cis people positioning themselves as the Gender Cops.

The constant refrain from the camp wanting gender affirming care to be harder or impossible to access go on and on about how people need 'time to think about irreversible decisions' or hand wring about the side effects of puberty blockers.

The same people pay no thought to the irreversible effects of puberty, because they prefer that outcome. If they were at all honest about wanting to give adolescents time to make a decision about their gender, they would support the use of puberty blockers.

Instead, they want to force them to go through natal puberty, which, if that person is trans, sets them up for more expensive and even harder to access care to mitigate puberty's effects, as well as marks them in society. This is what they want, to be able to 'always tell', and they want the state and society to enforce it.

It's not a position that can be reasoned out of because it began from a premise of 'trans people are icky' and worked backwards.

mudbunny wrote:

aThat is the exact same argument that was made prior to the expression of non-cis sexuality being given protection under the law and enshrined in human rights acts.

"Are they really gay?"
"Those kids, always following the trend."
"They are just doing it to be cool."
"They are just doing it to be edgy and rebel against society/family/school/church."

Those arguments were bullsh*t then, and they are bullsh*t now.

It's also the same arguments used for things like autism, ADHD and other mental illnesses.

"It was never this much until vaccines/TikTok/YouTube/the internet."
"Yes, it was, they just learned to hide it or they got the sh*t beat out of them"

But I am not saying any of those things. First of all, being gay does not involve a medical diagnosis. Being gay does not require any medical intervention.

For the things you mention that do require medical intervention, misdiagnosis is definitely a concern with all of them:

Considering that gender dysphoria is frequently seen concurrently in persons with some of these other disorders, can you really tell me that this is the one thing that we don't need to be concerned about misdiagnosis?

"Have u considered you're just too crazy to be trans? Or that your depression from society treating you like garbage because you're trans means you're not trans after all?"

*ignores that psychiatric assessments for comorbidities are part of the current care process*

We're really hitting all the highlights here.

Jesus Christ, Freya is literally right there and you are looking past their posts. f*cking disgusting.

SallyNasty wrote:

Jesus Christ, Freya is literally right there and you are looking past their posts. f*cking disgusting.

It's whatever to me, I've done this dance a million times and I never expect a response that isn't the same warmed over bullsh*t.

It just sickens me that year after year, posters like this are still allowed to come here and sealion.

See, my firsthand experience and need to be an actual expert on my own healthcare to navigate this system is biased because I'm trans. I have an agenda[1]

[1] self-determination

Can the mods consider locking this thread? I don't think anything new or revelatory is going to be said at this point, and it's just never-ending trolling now.


Hey folks. Looks like Tasty Pudding and I are on the same page here. Locking this thread so the mod time has time to discuss it.

UPDATE: after discussing it, the thread will remain closed as it was veering away from the original intention for the thread, and going into repetitive, bad faith arguments, forcing people to repeat key learnings ad nauseam.