GWJ Conference Call 851

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Rich, Amanda, Andrew, and Glendon get into how they plan for games (with a little dip into anticipated games for 2023) and the perks and drawbacks of planning.

Games: Hi-Fi Rush (PC), Forspoken (PS5), Subnautica: Below Zero (PC), Atone Heart of the Elder Tree (PC), and the Super Mario Brothers Game & Watch.

To contact us, email [email protected]! Send us your thoughts on the show, pressing issues you want to talk about, or whatever else is on your mind.

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00:02:58 Hi-Fi Rush
00:13:01 Forspoken
00:23:18 Subnautica: Below Zero
00:27:38 ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree
00:36:50 Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.
00:40:48 Planning for Games
01:02:25 Thread of the Week

Need to add that I just got to the first big true boss fight in Forspoken and it was an absolutely incredible encounter. It forced me to use every tool in my toolkit, made me change tactics and approach throughout, and even though I beat it in one go it felt like it was super challenging. I basically had a repeat of my Capra Demon experience lol.

TheHarpoMarxist wrote:

I basically had a repeat of my Capra Demon experience lol.

You stood outside the arena and threw firebombs over the wall until it died? Because that's the only way to beat Capra.

Interested in the enthusiasm for Forspoken. Even the lukewarm reviews suggest that the combat and magic system are great, with the caveat being that all the skill trees are unlocked too late.

LOL. I had beginner's luck and got him on my first try largely via accidentally panic running into a strategic advantage!

For Forspoken in regard to the caveat, I think you can really b-line most of the content until you have purple magic plus parkouring pretty quickly. Once there, the gameplay is excellent BUT gets even better after stuff that's locked away after that.

Spellcraft challenges, which reward learning how to effectively use all your spells, can be quickly unlocked if you don't over-roam. This is where it went from a game is was enjoying to a game that started firing on all cylinders.

The magic expands further after the first boss, but you can do a lot of roaming and ranging before then to accrue items, stat bonuses, and more. The amount that you can juggle and switch between after chapter 5 is truly gobsmacking.

Just a couple quick tips for Glendon, Amanda, and anyone else struggling a bit with timing in Hi-Fi Rush.

1) If you can, plug your controller in. If you are able to calibrate your TV perfectly, good on you. I tried it on my Xbox wirelessly, my PC with bluetooth, and then my PC plugged in. I had a much easier time hitting almost every beat when I plugged into my PC. I just wasn't able to get the same responsiveness playing with the in-game calibration option.

2) The game does not punish you for attacking on off beats. This means that you can safely press a button on every beat, even when using heavy attacks. So for the XYY combo, instead of pressing X-Y-wait-Y-wait-Y, you can just hit X-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y. It's more buttons, but I found it so much easier to keep the rhythm by attacking on every single beat.

I finished Hi-Fi Rush yesterday. It was an absolute delight from start to finish. Some of the later game bosses and set-piece moments are among my favorite in any action game I've played. I'm already thinking about playing through the whole thing again.

AAAh Dyni this is the post I needed to hear. Thank you! I've been thinking about digging around each of my usb-c cables and controllers just to find the right fit specifically for HI-FI RUSH. I'm glad you're enjoying it!