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I picked up a side quest that had me going back to an area to pick up some tools. Perhaps it is meant to be done later, because I was ambushed by some tough enemies. It was a long fight, but I managed to persevere, and the reward was pretty good. I feel it was worth it, but I would advice making sure you have some healing items when you go out there.

After 10 or so hours, I also have reached the demo area, and I have a mobility option that was not in the demo. I understand why they cut it out, as it is not really required, but it underscores how difficult it was to put together that demo.

Also, to speak to how far afield you can go. I'm in the ballpark of 15 hours and haven't yet hit the demo area. I got very distracted vibing around and just scooping up chests/taking photos (which I almost never do in a game)

Loving the discussion here and on the Conference Call! I've yet to play the game, but the discussion is certainly bumping it up my priority list.

Ash Parrish has done another piece on Forspoken, featuring an interview with the protagonist's voice actor Ella Balinska:

Thanks for posting that article. I read most of it, but did hit a spoiler that I had just discovered, so I stopped.

I finished the second boss, and my impressions continue to improve. The new mobility options I got a few hours ago really helped in exploring the area. I also figured out that the crafting menu lets you improve the stats on your items (although not all are unlocked at the beginning), and I was able to upgrade my equipment quite a bit with the ton of resources I was carrying around.

I'm not terribly far at all, but, and I guess I should admit I fundamentally distrust anyone who says something is "cringe" at this point, I did get through the first chapter and think "This is what the meme-space found unbearably 'cringe?'"

God, I've come to hate that word.

Yeah, its not really any worse than any other Triple-A game. Plus, despite stumbling a bit out of the gate, the story improves as the game goes on, IMO.

I do agree with Walker's criticism of the dialogue style. I think "cringe" is absolutely the wrong word. (to me, "cringe" is more appropriately leveled at people vocally defending the upcoming TERF wizard simulator.) Forspoken undercuts its own ideas with its dialogue sometimes, and it pulls what could be some really effective world-building punches, but at the end of the day, with everything else the game is doing exceptionally well, this is hardly a fatal -- or even important -- obstacle in enjoying the game.

I've got a big work event that's going to keep me from playing games for a bunch of days, so I'll be curious what it feels like to jump back into Forspoken when I get back. Its such a game of flow (I usually take about fifteen minutes to warm up in each session.)

I respect Austin Walker, he was utterly wrong about Fallout 4, but owned up that 76 was probably the universe visiting some karma on him for it. But I haven't reached anything he mentioned as far as I've got. I have feelings on this backlash against genre-awareness, too, but I should either save that for when I actually encounter any.

But, yeah, "cringe," the insult du jour of the tediously smug, is nearly always the wrong word. If you aren't using it in any of the senses Contra Points discussed, don't use it.

I hit the end credits after about 24 hours, and I did quite a bit of side exploration. The ending came quicker than expected, but it made sense and it was paced well. The game allows you to continue, and there are some new quests and of course all the trophies that you could collect.

I enjoyed my time with the game, and I'll keep playing for a bit.

I legit have no idea how anyone does this game in 24 hours. I keep getting distracted and wandering far afield lol. I imagine I'm grossly over-leveled at this point (chapter 7). Most of my Purple and Red spells are upgraded and it feels great to have mastered how to play both tool kits and use them together. If every Tanta has their own complex spell tree, I imagine endgame is going to be pretty lit in all the things it'll be asking you to juggle.

I'm right before the final boss now and wish someone else on the CC was playing this because BOY DO I WANT TO DO A SPOILER SECTION.

Oh yeah! Audience of one here to represent!