NCAA Football 2023/2024 Catch All...

Where you too can win a national title if you are one of the six or so schools wealthy enough to pay your players NFL-level salaries through NIL deals.

And one of three playoff spots?


Bill Connelly's SP+ ratings for Georgia's schedule.

To be fair, if the Dawgs lose one of those games, ain't no way they are going to get into the CFP with that schedule.

Yeah, if Georgia's average point differential next season isn't at least 20, it's a failure even if they're unbeaten. This is like putting the KD-era Warriors into March Madness.


Former Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett, who led the Bulldogs to their second straight CFP National Championship earlier this month, was arrested on a misdemeanor public intoxication charge in Dallas on Sunday morning.

In a statement to ESPN, a Dallas Police Department spokesperson said officers responded to a report of a man banging on doors in the 1600 block of Tribeca Way at 7:10 a.m. ET on Sunday.

"The preliminary investigation found when officers arrived, they located the man, Stetson Bennett, 25, and determined he was intoxicated," the police statement read. "Bennett was taken into custody, transported to the City Detention Center and charged with public intoxication."

Ridiculous. In the first month after winning a natty, the starting QB of Georgia should be legally obligated to knock on people's doors at 7 a.m. and yell "GO DAWGS"

Stet taking the stereotype of our fanbase barking at strangers a little far.

He got that dawg in him.

Usually not the hat that gets picked!


That is Marquis Montgomery who I'm told is the #1 Juco prospect in this class. Still not sure who will be throwing to him, but its a good sign.


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85 FBS teams scored at least 25 points per game last season.


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Regarding the amendment to OC Brian Ferentz's contract:

An Iowa spokesperson tells @sinow the points per game benchmark includes "any points scored"

Iowa scored six defensive touchdowns and two safeties last season, finishing 123rd in scoring offense with 17.7 ppg.

Did this thread not get linked in last seasons thread? Just stumbled on it

$100 Million? That is nuts

As much as I love FSU football, There might be an inkling that college football and the big conferences are a wee bit nuts