NFL 2022: The playoffs thread

It's salty up in here today.

Serious Gronk feels... wrong.

Rat Boy wrote:

If the Eagles were looking to Cobra Kai their way through this game, they're succeeding.


We need to run the super bowl power black out delay play, until Josh gets cleared

Every f*cking flag

I'd be like Kevin Bacon and spend hours fiddling with the ambient light color.

Josh officially out with concussion


Would have been nice to see this matchup play out as an actual game.

To be fair, a niners team this committed to shooting itself in the dick wouldn't get that far with a healthy QB.

But if you've got any errands to run or chores to do, now would be the time, unless you're REALLY into running.


Prederick wrote:


Is Dre short for Draymond?

CMC just attempting to bomb one should be a point.

Prederick wrote:

To be fair, a niners team this committed to shooting itself in the dick wouldn't get that far with a healthy QB.

Well some of those penalties are from defensive desperation, knowing they have to try and make things happen because the offense wouldn't be able to.

That, and since the offense couldn't produce a drive, the defense had to keep coming back onto the field.

Going out like a bunch of sorry-ass punks.

SF has had 15 yard penalties for face masking a guy running out of bounds, hitting Hurts out of bounds, punching the hell out of the ball on a dead play, and now Trent WIlliams going full WWE. QB doesn't matter with all that stupid crap.

Has literally anything gone SF's way today?

Stele wrote:

Panthers. Thanks again for CMC.


Carolina is also due a gift basket from the Eagles for letting them have Haason Reddick.

The Niners clearly had protection problems against the Cowboys that were fully exploited by the Eagles. They could have started every quarterback they had on their roster all season and half of them would have been killed.

Ugh, to sit through all that, turn the channel for the next game, and have to suffer through Chris Pratt's Mario voice.

The NFL front page says the Iggles are "back in the Super Bowl for the first time since 2017" as if that were a long time to wait.

As a Philadelphia fan, 1) that was the 2017 season, the game was in 2018; and 2) "Holy $#!^" I can't believe that they got back to the SB this soon.

Fans will never learn…you don’t mess with a fictional character created by a guy born in NYC. It’s a Philly thing.

This may be the first time I've ever heard Alexander Courage's Star Trek theme played during an NFL game.

These games suck

What the actual hell, Snapchat?

I assume they've given up on ever using those colors to celebrate a Jets victory?

Prederick wrote:

These games suck

Sir Patrick Stewart must agree with you.