NFL 2022: The playoffs thread

Pink Stripes wrote:

Speaking of white Mikes, Mike LaFleur is the new Rams OC.

Zero surprise there. Two guys that both came up under Kyle Shanahan, and LaFleur did his first NFL internship under McVay.

Actually, it is a little surprising that he didn't end up in Green Bay under his brother Matt, but I guess older brother wasn't going to cut their existing OC loose to make room for little brother.

I think this video from the mayor of Cincinnati is one of the top 10 cringiest things I've seen in my life. Possibly top 5.

Oh man…Niners fans put a jersey on the Rocky Statue. Talk about poking the bear.

Rocky put it on himself, I swear.

I mean it's the second easiest statue to put a shirt on behind the Venus de Milo.

Elijah Mitchell officially inactive dammit

Nice bullsh*t catch.

Still ridiculous that the NCAA does replay better than the NFL. f*ck your challenge flags just get the calls right

Just let Deebo play QB

Well, this game went south quickly for the niners... it's Josh Johnson time!

If the Eagles were looking to Cobra Kai their way through this game, they're succeeding.

How does the penalty get wiped if it hit the wire? Wouldn't that force us to apply the penalty to rekick instead of the spot?

Give Philly a free catch to set up a TD but sure, let's squint at a punt as much as possible to see if we can bail Philly out of a bad play.

Panthers. Thanks again for CMC.


Is there an award for most impactful trade of the year? If there is, the winner's pretty easy to figure out.

I'm beginning to think trading for Christian McCaffery was a good move.

Welp, Nick Bosa's not the most toxic person Fox is platforming today.

sh*t how is that PI and not holding? Ball wasn't in the air yet

He had to have changed his last name to "Gainwell."


Now rooting for the 49ers, but only for their QB in the Super Bowl to also get injured, forcing them to use, like, their 6th-string QB.

At this point, a 6th quarterback would be an improvement.

2 weeks to sign Kaep and get him up to speed

Stele wrote:

2 weeks to sign Kaep and get him up to speed

Can he do it during halftime?

Stele wrote:

2 weeks to sign Kaep and get him up to speed

*awkward silence*

JFC. Face masking a guy running out of bounds.

Next time someone asks if the Niners should trade Trey Lance this offseason, I'm posting that Josh Johnson fumble.

Simultaneously believing that the Iggles are SB favorites and the best team while also believing their path could not have been made easier

The oil industry ad is like the modern version of that "No Springs" short from MST3K.