NFL 2022: The Week 15 thread

Speaking of more young "star" QBs, Kenny Pickett is doubtful, so the Steelers aren't sure who is going to be throwing interceptions for them this week.

Brock Purdy has surged up the offensive Rookie of the Year betting odds.

If I didn't live in California, I would have already put a bet down before last night's game. I still would bet it at the current +1600 or so.

*Legion* wrote:

Brock Purdy has surged up the offensive Rookie of the Year betting odds.

If I didn't live in California, I would have already put a bet down before last night's game. I still would bet it at the current +1600 or so.

I'm kicking myself for not having anything on Christian Watson. The way the season started though.... Ya didn't see this coming.

It's a strange year where Purdy could actually feasibly win it. Watson might actually just score 1-2 TDs a game down the stretch also though.

Watson would indeed be my other bet of choice.

Garrett Wilson is currently "winning" by default. Him and Olave are both fine, but not doing anything exciting.

If Watson continues on his hot streak, I think he passes them as the top WR vote getter. If Green Bay was realistically in the playoff hunt, his odds would have been even better.

Kenneth Walker was up in the running with a hot streak of his own for a bit, but he's now come in under 50 rushing yards in 4 straight games. He was beneath 2 yards per carry against both Tampa and the Rams. He's still in the mix, but he's gotta get hot and help Seattle surge back into wildcard territory again to make it happen.

Purdy obviously would be boosted by being a QB, the novelty factor of his story, and leading a championship contending team. If he keeps posting games like the ones he's already played, I think he just might sneak away with the award. If he posts a stinker of a game, though, then he probably doesn't quite catch up with the WRs.

EDIT: And let's just go ahead and spoil Defensive Rookie of the Year: it's Sauce.

SF should win the SB. Nobody has a good enough offense to score enough points to realistically have a chance. It will take an “any given Sunday” type game for someone to beat them in the playoffs. Granted that does seem to be their recent luck though.

So apparently Brock Purdy’s oblique injury was worse than the Niners let on.

According to Shanahan, he struggled to make throws during warmups, and they cut warmup short to save what he had in the tank for the game. They were close to playing Josh Johnson. Juszczyk says Shanahan told him, “If Brock’s not ready to go, we may have to run this ball 60 times today.”

He played, but it might have played a role in a couple of those passes that sorta died on him.

The great part about having to play on Thursday is that Purdy now has a long week to rest.

Even in a week class, it's hard to think he'd when OROY in 5.5 games played. So far, he's showing he's a very good QB to fit into Shanahan's style of game, and having an endless series of really talented skill position players wide-open has made his job relatively easy, and, even when he's made terrible throws, they've either been dropped or, like last week where he threw an INT to a backup defensive lineman vs. Tampa, penalties have wiped them out. He's got three games left against not great pass defenses so maybe he gets some more opportunities, but it's just not enough time.

It is nice that NFL Reddit will finally be able to move on from endless "Why isn't Gardner Minshew a starting QB" posts to "Why isn't Brock Purdy a starting QB" posts. Change is good.

Well, the question of whether he should win it and whether he will win it are two different things.

Nothing you say is incorrect, but it's a voted-on popularity contest, not a math formula crunching inputs and spitting out AV.

And in a class where the front-runners are producing less than what would normally garner OROY consideration, I'd place a solid money bet on the Purdy narrative capturing more votes. Especially because there isn't just one boring frontrunner, but a few that aren't separating themselves much from each other. Garrett Wilson, Chris Olave, and Kenneth Walker seem likely to split votes, rather than have any one of them gain critical mass.

Watson is the one guy who is currently performing with the excitement of a typical OROY winner (on a truncated schedule of his own), which is why he's the other bet I'd place.

Pink Stripes wrote:

Russell Wilson passed concussion protocol but still isn't playing. Does that mean he is getting benched?

Too bad they didn't hang onto their own Mr. Irrelevant QB.

*Legion* wrote:

7 weeks ago, I called the Vikings, Seahawks, and Giants "paper tigers"

Vikings down 23-0 halfway through the 2nd to the Colts.

wow. The Vikings doing everything wrong.

Prime Time Cousins is back!

Well, his name is Jeff Saturday after all...

Okay. The comeback begins.

Prediction for tonight's Bills-Dolphins game: snow!

Near the end of the third, Matt Ryan is a perfectly unexciting 12/19 for 136 yards and a TD. Their top two backs have a combined 25 rushes for 92 yards. If you had told me the score would be 36-14, I would have completely believed it. I would not have guessed the Colts would be the "36" part of the scoreboard.

This is some impressive, playoff-level choking by the Vikings.

Colts are trying to choke it back.

And that's what happens when you put Jalen Reagor at WR. Stops running his route, big INT.

Philly knew they had to get his ass outta there, sunk cost be damned.

This game is full on nonsense and I only started to pay attention at 33-0.

Myles Jack Chandon Sullivan Wasn't Down

Prime Time Cousins vs Matty "28-3" Ice

The unstoppable choke force vs the immovable choke object

We really should have seen this game coming.

Refs completely blew a scoop and score fumble recovery by Minnesota or this game would have been tied.

Ryan wasn't down until he was across. That's a terrible spot.

Blowing a QB sneak scrum dead for forward progress is... ehh.

ukickmydog wrote:

Refs completely blew a scoop and score fumble recovery by Minnesota or this game would have been tied.

Well now it's tied.

This game has to end on a walk off safety right? Only fitting.

Edit: aww, they gave him enough space to take a knee

Paleocon wrote:

Okay. The comeback begins.

Now I am fearful I have The Power.

Wandered into "the NFL is rigged" Twitter today and am once again despairing for the species.

Thanks for nothing, Colts.

f*cking Harbaugh. Take the f*cking points.