NFL 2022: The Week 12 thread

I can’t have been the only one who noticed the Dallas sign language interpreter.

Big Chungus smash!

@DrawPlayDave wrote:

Giants are going to lose more than they win in the second half of the season but frankly, that's alright, already exceeded expectations and I'm excited to see how next year rolls out another year removed from the Gettlemess

Apparently Daniel Jones is 3-16 in games not played Sunday at 1pm.

So even if the Giants make the playoffs, unless they get that one slot...

Oh thank goodness, I thought I was talking to myself all afternoon.

Prime Time Cousins makes his first appearance tonight.

Lol. We just turned it on and I'm like, "Primetime Cousins! Here comes a NE win!" and nobody knew what I was talking about.

But GWJ does.

WTF was Slater doing there coming off the outside line and running directly at the returner? If he'd stayed home, no TD.

Prime Time Cousins can't lose you the game if you just return the kicks for TDs.

Patriots deserve to lose for employing Agholor. Stops running his corner route that they could have nailed on 4th and 15.

Mac doesn't understand the clock I guess. Taking that sack on 1st down was asinine. Throw it away!

Capped off my Thanksgiving by watching the new Hard Knocks episode of the Cardinals getting smashed by the 49ers, *chef's kiss*

Pete Thamel says Matt Rhule to Nebraska is happening.

Posting here for Enix and I don't think we have any Nebraska fans in the NCAA thread anyway

Stele wrote:

Pete Thamel says Matt Rhule to Nebraska is happening.

About the only thing I hate worse than the former Panthers HC is ... that place (allegedly a US state) you mentioned. They deserve each other.

Still strange to me that college coaches can be absolute failures at the pro level and colleges will go sign me up for 8 years of that!

Saban, Spurrier, Chip Kelly.

I don't know if Rhule will be any kind of success, but at this point, I think it's pretty clear that coaching CFB is one thing, and the NFL is a related, but way different thing.

Spent Thanksgiving at my sister's new place in Ventura and just so happened to pass through *Legion*'s hometown of Santa Maria on the way back up. Santa Maria to Santa Clara for Niners games; yikes.

Rat Boy wrote:

Santa Maria to Santa Clara for Niners games; yikes.

It's a bit of a hike for sure. But getting to Santa Clara is a lot less painful than going all the way up to Hunters Point. It's mostly an uneventful drive except when gameday traffic gets backed up in Gilroy. Gotta beat the other SoCal people to that choke point.

101 > I-5.

When I hear Californians talk traffic:

No no no

Justin Fields is out with a shoulder injury.

Trevor Siemian was to start, but injured his oblique during warmups.

The Bears must now call upon... THE PETER MAN

Who some how is still in the league even after some historically bad performances.

Looks like the Bears preferred to take a shot on injured Siemian first. Understandable.

Ravens-Jags delayed for weather?

Stele wrote:

Ravens-Jags delayed for weather?

Game looks sunny to me.

LOL, Hey Darnold with the rolling-in-the-mud touchdown.

Listen, if you just look at the first three games of last year plus today that Darnold signing looks pretty good.