Experiences/recomendation for AR glasses?

We are a one TV 4 console home so I am interested in the idea of smart glasses. It seems like a great idea to have something I could wear to play the Steam Deck or Switch without having to use the TV.

I watched a review of the Nreal Air AR Glasses and it seemed like a pretty interesting.

Has anyone tried the technology and have and thoughts?

Those look neat but the viewing angle is only 45 degrees.

I also think it lacks software support. So you are limited to virtual desktop and whatever Nreal has developed.

There is a Quest2/3 competitor called the Pico?
It apparently a really nice pass through camera and hand tracking that might give you a better AR experience and a top notch VR experience on top.

People are saying its the bees knees for steam deck but again, it has a limited field of view and you probably would be better off buying a Quest or competitor.

was thinking more about using it to show my Steam Deck display

here is the video that originally got me thinking about it.


Lots of raving about Pico 4.