Dave the Diver

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During the day, you scuba dive to find fish and trinkets. At night, you run a sushi restaurant.

It's a glorious loop, nicely salted with little quests to give you goals without ever overwhelming you with too many things to do. The diving portion is lightly procedurally generated, and follows a very relaxed loop of improving your gear to go deeper or explore more areas. Other side stuff unlocks as you go, but it all revolves around the core of diving and managing the restaurant.

The writing is clever and the humor is good, tongue-in-cheek without trying too hard at it. Brief little animated sequences bring the pixel characters to life and the entire thing screams "labor of love."

It's in early access now with something like half the eventual content available, but what's there is completely polished and well worth the $20 price tag.

Don't delay, play today! Steam link.


Interested. I wonder how it will look/play on the Deck.

Sold me.