Tactics Ogre: Reborn Catch-all

Though, speaking of builds, I haven't had much luck with my Cyclops yet. I love the idea of a spellcasting monster, but... well. He doesn't Meditate or Concentrate (at least up to Level 22.) His MND is terrible, so without Concentrate, status spells are hopeless. His INT's not bad for nuke spells, he nukes roughly like any other non-Wizard who has nukes. His physical attacks are of course, not quite up to the usual monster standard probably because he's also kind of a spellcaster. His special attacks so far (at Level 22) inflict conditions I largely don't value (reduced movement, reduced jump, and reduced evasion against bow attacks.)

The best thing I've managed to do is throw him into melee to take advantage of the MP charging from dealing/receiving attack damage and then have him use Spellcharge to funnel the MP to characters who will make better use of it, but that's not satisfying and will stop being useful at all if I ever find a steady supply of Magic Leaf.

At this point I'm hoping he gets something better at higher levels, or I find an accessory that changes things.

Any opinions on which platform to play on? PC, PS5 or Switch? I saw a review say things are too small to play handheld on the Switch.

I disagree with that review, loudly. It feels ideal on the Switch to me.

Played this a couple years ago for the JRPG Club and can't wait to try out the remake. If only P5 Royal didn't have its claws dug into me quite so deeply...

I started on PC and then switched to Switch. I like the ease in putting the Switch to sleep in a middle of a battle and also the portability Tactis-on-th-go ease.

I was going to skip this, due to finishing it on PSP, but I ended up with some credit and couldn't help myself. I'm really enjoying it so far. There's really nothing like this style of game for me. I've spent a lot of time with Let Us Cling Together, FFT, FFTA, etc. I am wondering if I'm misremembering that in LUCT you could mix and match skills between classes. I keep hoping the deeper I get in the more flexibility I'll have with individual characters, but it seems like it's lacking that.

LUCT had a very limited ability to do that, but it wasn't very extensive and didn't allow any drastic hybrids, it was mostly things like Fighters being able to use Rampart Aura, Knights being able to use Sanctuary, and some weapon/recruitment skills I think? Nothing like, say, a Wizard using two-handed swords or a Berserker flinging Divine magic.

You'll still end up with plenty of flexibility though: with only being able to pick 4 skills per character and all of them eventually getting many, many more than that, there ends up being a ton of ways to build a given class. Granted, it tends to be flexibility within the class' theme, rather than anything like D&D multiclassing, but it should still feel pretty meaty.