NCAA Basketball 2022-2023 Catch-all

And then there were 3... Louisville, Central Connecticut, and your loveable California Golden Bears.

Eastern Washington and Arlington are the last 2 teams we play that will be lower than us on KenPom. If its not tonight, we are likely going to get 2 more losses before our next opporunity for a win (and the last time we'll be favored).

Regadless if we get a win or not... I think right now its at worst even odds that Cal Basketball wins less games than Cal football (who just finished a scintillating 4-7 season).

In the NET ratings that are used for tournament seeding now, Cards were 360 of 363 this week. Yikes.

Hopefully KenPom is right and we get a win next week

Stele wrote:

In the NET ratings that are used for tournament seeding now, Cards were 360 of 363 this week. Yikes.

Hopefully KenPom is right and we get a win next week

20 places below us... I was trying to figure out how that could be given we've both had our share of bad losses to Quad 4 teams (both 0-3). I guess its because you have yet to play a Road Game? Our 0-2 on the road record vs. your 0-0 are the two quality losses we needed to get ahead of you (and 23 other teams evidently)

Yeah we had 3 neutral sites but rarely play road games in Nov.

Speaking of, our first road game is at 1-9 FSU on Saturday. I doubt we win but there's a chance it's a close game instead of a 25 point blowout like the last 4

0-10! We did it! only 1 (maybe?) more team with a worse kenpom than us on the schedule... i think we're going to do it guys!

Louisville basketball can't catch a break. Could the Cards even beat another winless team?

Hahaha. It's about us, Carl.

On tap: A game no one asked for but that the morbidly curious are tracking with rapt attention.

It’s the Cardinals (0-8) vs. the Golden Bears (0-9) in a battle for whatever the opposite of college hoops supremacy is.

And sadly, it’s a figment of our imagination.

Ton of CBB experts in there with their predictions. Mostly leaning towards Cal, despite Cards being better in KenPom. Haha, eye test guys apparently.

I think the last one is my favorite:

Sam Vecenie, The Athletic: California 62, Louisville 58. I think Cal wins a tight, very ugly game. I’ve never seen a team that is more careless with its execution offensively at the high major level than Louisville is this year. They turn the ball over like crazy. They take horrible shots. There isn’t enough ball movement. I just think they’re extremely easy to defend, especially in the halfcourt. But I absolutely would not watch this game, and I would recommend nobody else in this hypothetical multiverse does either.

Incredible. Looks like the original writer was expecting us to win last night though

This one is my favorite.

Mike Rutherford, Card Chronicle: Louisville 17, California 16. Cal has been better against power conference opponents (no losses by more than 15 in five tries), Louisville has been better against mid/low major opponents (all losses by one point), and both only do one thing sort of well (free-throw percentage). Truly an unstoppable force vs. immovable object situation. Give me the Cards by one in a game with no fewer than 73 combined turnovers.

Yeah Mike is a fun guy. He runs Card Chronicle, one of the best fan sites we have. Friends with my cousin and we hung out at the wedding a few years ago.

Wasting no time to make sure we leave no doubt… Cal loses to Butler. 0-11. Central Connecticut won yesterday.

Stele just you and me now.

Yeah congrats buddy. 0-9 secured for Cards today against FSU but can't catch y'all.

Maybe we do need to schedule that 0 vs 0 game for March so one of us gets a win.

Cards actually led for 20-something minutes in game vs Wright St weeks ago. But in our other 8 games? 14 minutes total. It's bad. Not competitive at all

Happy to see the tarheels won one today. Some signs of life, both with ball movement and improvement of bench play.

Remains to be seen if they will ever put together multiple wins.

Saw this on Reddit, closest winless team to each US county:


We are legion

Draw Alaska to scale you cowards!

Tennessee beat #11 Maryland yesterday in another ugly game for UT in NYC. Had as much as a 21 point lead in the first half to walk out with only a 3 point win.

I think Maryland only hit one shot from the field in the first half. Tennessee's defense is elite. Rebounding is also very good. Just can't put the ball in the net. Our 40% 3 point shooters from last year can't find the hole and our bigs inside can't make layups. And to top it all off, we only shot sub 60% free throws.

If we'd have shot at normal pace in the first half, we'd have probably been up by 35+ at half.

That offense is UGLY, though. Hope they figure it out. Still missing two starters, including probably our best player and team leader (JJJ). So maybe if we get him back, things will trend upward on offense.

Got Arizona at Arizona next week. That will be hard if we can't create more points. I really don't expect to win, but I think that might be good for this team. I wouldn't be surprised if we won, I just don't expect to.

100% the undercard to or maybe right after Selection Sunday show, Cal - Louisville would be the most watched non championship sporting event ever. Could you imagine if both were 0-whatever?

May outdraw the actual Final Four games.

It could be the other NIT, Not In Tournament hehe. Madison Square Garden. Let the NYC boo birds in to heckle.

If somehow they put that game somewhere interesting (Vegas or NYC), I think I'd actually travel for it.

I was living in NYC at the time, but when Cal football went 0-10 with a final rescheduled game against Rutgers (they may have been 1-9?), me and a few other idiots went down to watch, and it was our only victory of the season.

UNC managed to play reasonably well against The Citadel. Even managed to beat the spread, I guess. Hopefully it's something to build on, what with Ohio State coming up next, followed by Michigan? Maybe it's time to right the ship.

Louisville gets the win!

Holy sh*t we did it.

1, they actually played our other guard a bunch the first half, when we made a run, so Ellis didn't have to have it in his hands all night.

2, we played hard. Like damn, that's all some of us have been asking for. Give that effort and you start 3-0 instead of 0-3 against weak teams, maybe win the 7th place game in Maui, and nobody's talking about the worst season ever or firing a coach.

Now... can they replicate the effort? Next 2 are winnable.


United States of California. Enjoy it buddy


I may become more insuffrable than Mannish in this seasons football thread

Our next game is on Sunday.. @Santa Clara then probably the last game we'll be favored, home against UT-Arlington next Wednesday... go 0-2 here and who knows.. maybe this streak actually gets more butts in seats! I may want to go to stanfurd @Cal on Jan.6 .. stanfurd is bad, and if our only win in the season is when we parade the Axe out onto the court, and I can get in some future Sam Bankman Fried, Elizabeth Holmes, Josh Hawley like douchface and tell them they still lose to Cal, and we discover clean energy while they burn the world down for dollars (or bitcoins), well that may just be worth it.

In an interview with SI, Cal AD Jim Knowlton:

All I’m saying is I’m working with Mark [head coach Mark Fox], working with the program and giving them a chance to get a couple of these players back and to get that opportunity to put some wins under their belt.

So while "It Just Means More" in SEC Land... Here at Cal, "some wins" is the inspirational rally cry for us. That's what they expect of 4th year coaches in the B1G right? Need to make sure we fit the culture before we accept our (yet to be received) invitation.

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Man, I really didn't see us climbing back in after that OSU run to put them up 28-16 in the first half... much less when they were down 11 with ~6 min to go? Big win for UNC, hard fought game all the way through to OT.


And after that last shot to put OSU up 2 with 2 seconds. Wow.

Great game. And it pushed the Kentucky game back 45 minutes. Haha.

Anyway Cards won AGAIN. A winning streak! Just Florida A&M. And we didn't cover. But some improvement from a few guys. Some regression from others. Lots of work to do.