NCAA Basketball 2022-2023 Catch-all

Rat Boy wrote:

The reactions to this on Twitter are like a text book example of the Two Americas theory.

LSU obnoxiously sh*t-talking when they win is the natural order of things, I don't know what these people's problem is.

I'd be pissed if they WEREN'T sh*t-talking.

Prederick wrote:

I don't know what these people's problem is.

It was like a Rorschach Test on race relations and the Keith Olberman's of the world definitively blew it.

Also, RE: Clark

@kimischilling wrote:

She's not salty, she's thinking about how she's gonna cross up Reese on national TV next winter. As she should!

Also this is going to make both of them a lot of money lol

Jim Nantz final game

Monday night's title game will be the 32nd Final Four of Nantz's career. Given the nature of some television contracts and network-hopping tendencies of broadcasters, this will never be done again. Before his first Final Four assignment in 1991, no one had worked more than six Final Fours. It's an outrageous accomplishment, and yet it speaks to Nantz's preternatural capability as a broadcaster that he's never felt old, stale or worn out. It's always felt like he should be there.

Let's hope it's not a boring UConn blowout

We like Nantz?

As I get older, I find myself gravitating toward the traditional voices because they are comfortable and known. Best example: Joe Buck no longer bothers me and Aikman has grown on me.

But Nantz? Nantz?

I just can't.


Very nearly said the game was over at halftime. Glad I did not.

Nice run to get back to 5.

Just can't go 10 min scoreless. It really was over in the first half. Blah

Our defense will always be elite, but man it would be nice to have a team that can actually consistently score...
Can't be that disappointed with the season though as we went farther then I thought we would. I just hope we don't completely suck next year after losing 7 seniors.

Stele wrote:

For the second chance, sweet 16 game, where we all should have known better...

noPants and ukick are tied. NP has SDSU as the champ.

The other 5 of us have no champion left.

ukick can get 1 more win if UConn makes the finals. So if that happens and SDSU loses, ukick can win. If SDSU wins and loses to UConn in the finals, we have a tie and go to points. Same if they both lose.

Very interesting for the two of you at least.

Ego man... entered, but forgot to make any picks in Sweet 16. Last place secured.

And yes, nopants is the winner by tiebreaker! Congrats!

As mentioned before, tboon won the main bracket game last week since none of us had any final game picks correct to catch him.

Looks like Cal WBB's Jayda Curry (no relation to that other Bay Area Curry) is transferring to Louisville. Grats Steele, she is far and away our best player and like our men's players (like SDSU's Matt Bradley) realize its best to get out while the getting is good.

You sent us Wyking Jones, we sent back a starting QB and starting WBB Point Guard... I think I know who's gotten the better end of these deals.

Yeah pretty excited about her when I saw the news last night. All PAC 12, and we've got a couple graduating starters to replace.

Prederick wrote:

Also, RE: Clark

@kimischilling wrote:

She's not salty, she's thinking about how she's gonna cross up Reese on national TV next winter. As she should!

Also this is going to make both of them a lot of money lol

She is not mad! Genuinely!

She is also coming for blood next season! And she should! It'll be great!

Former Cal and current SDSU player Matt Bradley.

“When I entered the portal and came here . . . during that time with COVID and stuff, I was really ready to stop playing,” he says in the video above. “I told myself, `You know what Matt, it’s been tough. Let’s go home and get a job. Call it a day. You’ll be all right.’ “

Awesome.. Cal almost broke a player who ends up being a major part of the #2 team in the country. Go Bears!

Mark Madsen making moves for Cal, landing 2 transfers. His best player from Utah Valley Fardaws Aimaq (WAC POY 2021), and PG Jalen Cone out of Northern Arizona who was the 6th leading scorer in the Big Sky... of course that hardly offsets the fact that we have 6 players in the portal going the other way (including 3 starters and 1 primary bench player), but we really need to clean the slate and start over.

Well I’d say you couldn’t do any worse next year, but I don’t want to jinx it.

Bob Huggins still has a job...

Why the f*ck does Huggins get to keep his job?


Cal wins Pac-12 Basketball Zero Waste Challenge

Easy to have no waste when 1) there are more trashcans in the stadium than fans 2) you can just pick up the whole season and drop the thing into said trashcan

How can they have won a Zero Waste Challenge when they wasted the whole season?

UpToIsomorphism wrote:

Bob Huggins still has a job...

Why the f*ck does Huggins get to keep his job?

In the continuing adventures of Huggy Bear…

Police: Bob Huggins found with 0.21% BAC during DUI arrest

Yeah he gone now.

Read the report. He didn't know what city he was in, had a 7 hour memory gap, no idea how his vehicle tire was flat, failed every field test, needed multiple instructions to even perform them, and then yeah, blew a .210 at the station. Holy sh*t.

"After careful review, the university has determined that Coach Huggins was abducted by aliens, thus accounting for his missing time, disorientation, and blood alcohol level and thus we won't be firing him."

Apropos of nothing, he looks a bit like the secret love child of Alec Baldwin and Larry Bird.

Huggins resigns. Seriously, Tom DeLonge from blink-182 and Dave Foley from Kids in the Hall would have backed the UFO abduction excuse.

Bronny James is stable and out of the ICU after going into cardiac arrest at USC's practice yesterday.

Pretty crazy for an 18 year old.

I think there is more to this that will leak out over the next few days/weeks.

The anti-vaxxers are already having a field day over this.