Marvel Snap - Catch-all

I don't have Black Knight, and don't see him very often. The TCG weirdos on the youtubes seem to all think he takes too much setup, is he working for you?

Thanks to The Raft, I just got to have one of the prime Snap experiences: breaking my opponent with Galactus. I don't have him, but got him off The Raft, and saw the chance to maybe let him do his thing against an Infinaut deck, and lo, it worked. Seems my opponent didn't realize where the Galactus came from, as next round it came down to playing to win a lane, or letting Sunspot get big enough to foil a Galactus, and they not only chose the latter, they let the timer wind down on that last turn, and they then let the Concede timer run down as well. I admit, I laughed.

SpacePProtean wrote:

I don't have Black Knight, and don't see him very often. The TCG weirdos on the youtubes seem to all think he takes too much setup, is he working for you?

He does take a bit of setup but not any more than other discard shells like Hela or Modok. If he’s on the board by turn 4 you can pretty reliably get 20-30 power on all three locations by turn 6, and even if you can’t get him on the board at all you still have a decent chance at a win just by teasing out big cards early with Ghost Rider or Jubilee, then playing another big card on 6. Shang-Chi doesn’t seem to be getting much play ever since his nerf (at least I almost never see him) so there’s not a ton of risk at the moment of flopping out Infinaut or Giganto early.

The sudden burst of troll decks is going to make me quit this game.

I think I'm going to be sticking to Cerebro 2 with Goose for a bit to deal with them.

What bugs me most about facing Annihilus is that there’s no risk for your opponent in playing him. He’s a decent amount of power for his cost and he just gets rid of any negative power he can’t send over, opening space for braindead Alioth plays. They should at the very least remove his ability to destroy cards. Junk has always been a powerful but risky deck archetype and Annihilus has essentially removed all the risk.

I've always liked decks that push negative power. Hazmat is one of my most split cards, so Annihulus is right in my wheelhouse. Junk decks have always needed a late game play and other than turn 5 Vipering the void. My current favorite play is Sentry and Annihulus behind IW.

If you need a counter Prof X the Void and Blue Marvel all the Debri.

I’ve just been playing a Wong/Spectrum/Hazmat deck and focusing on filling up the right lane first so the voids are just destroyed. The other cards that get sent over aren’t really an issue other than taking up space. My issue is that Annihilus destroying cards he can’t send over makes him too powerful a card compared to other 5 and 6 costs. I’ve had matches with 25+ power swings on turn 5. I suspect they’ll either end up dropping his power or restricting his ability to only his played location.

I feel like things are evening out with Annihilus, in that it looks like a lot of dumbasses have a hold of him now. Typhoid Mary's penalties are an Ongoing effect, son, they're reverted back when they leave your side.

One of the big Snap youtubers was pushing a deck with that play- it’s intentional and meant to clog your lanes and limit where you can play, not to push negative power.

Right, obvs, but when I've already got my doubled Sauroned Red Skull over there (because I've given up on having fun in ladder, it's blunt effectiveness from now on), I kinda don't care so much about playing that lane anymore. TM also seems a poor choice for this archetype. Basically, I think Annihilus has reached the people who think it's a Win Button, and are learning otherwise.

Annihulus decks don't build a lot of power so that person would have needed Valk to have any real chance against Shuri.

I switched over to it after way to many losses by 1 point trying to do something cool with Loki, and it seems a lot of people have forgotten how to play against Shuri and Sauron. I'm surprised how many people have been trying to go toe-to-toe against it with Death and a Knull when all that got eaten was Bucky and Deadpool twice. Or the aforementioned Turn 6 Annihilus.

My new favorite Annihulus play is to Typhoid Mary the Thanos Stones and then destroy them all on turn 6. It clogs and then deletes their power. What's even better, it works against mirror matches because they can't send the stones back.

Currently enjoying a deck built around Moon knight, Silver Samurai, and Black Bolt. It's probably more annoying than junk decks, especially when I get only positive discards.

My funtime deck is an HE Guardians deck I call "Sorta Starjammers," because it has Jean, Cyclops, and Kitty. It's a bit spotty, so I only really take it to conquest, but when it works it works great.

Two delightful plays today. Loki gave me their Gladiator, which I played (with something that would make the numbers work) in their lane with Death. They played something there, but Gladiator revealed first, pulling their Carnage, who ate Death and promptly got zapped. Their play was Zola.

Also Shuri's lab helped my famously Jewish Kitty utterly curb stomp their famously The Bad Guys in WWII Red Skull, 74 power against 30. Very gratifying, I hate Red Skull.

Legion has legit become one of my favorite cards. No one ever see’s him coming judging from the flurry of emotes when you shut off Limbo on turn 6 or turn every location into Luke’s Bar or Death’s Domain.

Legion's great, I'm glad he turned out to be so effective because I was going to get him no matter what, but as a Magik fan, I don't respect turning off Limbo. It's a valid play, and I'm taking a big, obvious risk to try for a turn 7, but I could do without the smug emoting afterward, all I've been told is that I gave us more opportunity to do something cool, and I'm the only one who could.

Speaking of Magik, her girlfriend Kitty delivered another hilarious beat-down. In a perfect world, she'd have been my only card played, but I was hedging my bets in case my strat went awry:

Hope no one here is a Hazmat fan.

EverythingsTentative wrote:

I've always liked decks that push negative power. Hazmat is one of my most split cards,


My best deck is an ongoing Spectrum deck with Typhoid Mary and Hazmat so I’m feeling it, too. I was surprised by the change to Luke Cage since Enchantress and Rogue are so common right now.
Overall this was a rough patch for me and I’m going to need to tweak like 3/4 of my decks, though on the plus side my already strong Black Knight deck is now even stronger since his Black Blade has become immune to Shang-Chi. Also a weird change but I’m not complaining.

Yeah, I got one (half) step forward with Kitty (in my perfect world, she'd be 1-0 and get +2 on return for the sake of my Negative Ladies deck), and two back with Elsa.

My favorite archetype is Bounce but they nerfed it into oblivion even before Elsa came out- I’m hoping that this Kitty change represents a first step towards making it viable again but I’m not holding my breath.

first match with the new season pass card, all I did was slot him in a pre-existing Surfer deck in place of America Chavez. He seems pretty powerful:


I just finished my evening missions, and clearly it's time to put Abomination back in all my HE decks.

Buuuut, I figured even though I initially planned on going big on Spotlights this week as I had none of the cards in the initial data mine, and I want Blob, I may as well still spend one in the hopes I randomly get Jeff. And I randomly got Jeff.

I have all the spotlight cards but really want the Jeff and Steggy variants. Not sure its worth potentially 4 of my 5 keys because I want to make sure I can get Havok and Selene.

Decided to spend 2 keys to try to get Stegron or Jeff variants. Got neither. That's my luck.

This was a fun match, but I'm baffled by what this deck was trying to accomplish--I was expecting to get a bunch of Discard cards from my Loki, but it turned out their deck had Wong, Mystique, and Loki in it. An attempt to pump up Daken? A leftover weekend mission deck from months ago? They could have beat me left, I honestly just wanted to see what my Collector might end up at, but they didn't, so.

Maybe a discard Collector deck? Daken, Swarm and Apoc buff Collector. I use one that has Devil Dino in it.

Possibly, and I guess they could have been experimenting. Wong and Mystique seem tough to work into that well, though I did show how effective it could be. The Elsa, Coulson, and Quinjet were mine, so by my reckoning there are 2 cards unaccounted for: Chavez, Zabu, Wing, Morbius, Daken, Blade, Swarm, Wong, Mystique, Loki. I dunno, it seems built around Daken, which I feel is weird because that's not a significant enough card nor a popular enough character to build around, even granting everyone is someone's favorite.

Since the update the emotes keep changing their order in the drop down menu each match. I’ve accidentally used the sarcastic emotes several times while trying to do the obligatory post-match fist bump.

The community was insisting the Cyclops gold bundle is a disgusting waste, but, frankly, the Scott Summers I know isn't going to host a party alongside his wife like an underdressed schlub while she goes all out: