Marvel Snap - Catch-all

Yeah, I got hit by one of those.. Was brutal.

I'm expanding my deck types now so I'm playing a Mister Negative deck with Lady Deathstrike. She's not a great card, but when it works out it's very satisfying. I do find that there aren't as many ways to win as there are with the decks I usually play but I probably still need to get a feel for it.

They are trying very hard to get people to play challenges, putting tickets in caches now. I've played once and really enjoyed it, but I don't play Snap for a 15-30 minute epic battle, I play for a quick 3-6 minutes sessions.

I thought Lady Deathstrike was going to be more useful as well. I've only had maybe two times where she has really come in handy--but as MrDeVil mentioned, when she works she is super satisfying.

She works well if you Mister Negative her. Suddenly as 3/5 shes far more effective.

Aw, welcome to the perpetual frustration of Mr. Negative decks! You truly haven't started playing the game until you've drawn Zabu on 5 and Negative on 6!

I wanted either Lady Deathstrike or MODOK, since a mystery variant gave me the sweet X of Swords Apocalypse, and I got MODOK, so, I'm satisfied with that. But I can see her being killer with a Negative Destroy using Knull and Zola, both cards that are guaranteed to start in your hand. I was saving up for this week, hoping for both X-23 and Silk, but I think I over-invested and ended up with chibi Nebula (blech), X-23 (yay!), and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (at least she's a mutant I didn't have). Oh well, no spotlight looks especially appealing to me for a while.

Heh, yeah. Mr Negative decks are a real flip of the coin.

If they work out you just annihilate. If they don't you end up with something that explains some of the really puzzling decks I've encountered where nothing makes sense.

I really enjoy Modok, have fun with him. Although the big issue with him is accidentally discarding him on turn 4.

MrDeVil909 wrote:

I really enjoy Modok, have fun with him. Although the big issue with him is accidentally discarding him on turn 4.

The only other discard cards you should have in a Modok deck are Colleen Wing and Lady Sif, and even those are optional and only to target Swarm and Apocalypse respectively. Anything else is superfluous since Modok clears your entire hand.

Oh yeah, fair point. Need to reexamine that deck.

This worked pretty well for me a couple seasons ago (though I haven’t played it in the current meta so YMMV):

1- Morbius
4-Colleen Wing
6-Lady Sif
8-Iron Lad
9-Moon Girl
12-America Chavez

You want to split Swarm with Colleen early if you can, so you end up with 4 free Swarms to play on turn 6. Collector is a back up plan if you can’t get Morbius out early enough to copy him with Mystique, and Moon Girl fills your hand for Modok if you haven’t drawn Apocalypse yet, otherwise it’s better to play Dracula. Iron Lad is there to try to tease out Modok if you haven’t drawn him by turn 5.

The ultimate goal of this deck is to play as few cards as possible and try to get Modok out on 5, then flood the board on 6 with free Swarms and either Chavez or Apocalypse. It can put out a lot of power if you can play the main combo of Morbius/Mystique/Colleen/Modok, but it’s best to retreat if you haven’t drawn Modok by turn 5 and Iron Lad misses him in the deck.

I'm still very much refining, but I've just added a few modern cards like X-23 (probably superfluous, but I'd like the boosters) and Daken (an easy 8 if Modok is in hand), we'll see how that goes.

I consider a Negative Jane deck my main, and by now with both adjustments and the fact that I know it really well, it can pull out victories even if things don't go right--so now it's more like best 2 of 3 coin flips! It has Kitty, and the changes to her dinged it a bit, but it's helpful to have something playable early rather than just hoping for that unicorn Psylocke or Zabu/Negative/Jane and then you get Black Widowed thank God opening hand, and my loathing of Iron Man is mitigated by the presence of Kitty, Magik, Bishop, Rogue, Psylocke, and Mystique (hell, I'd probably buy that team monthly).

Bit of a rant I have no where else to put, but so many people are amped for the spotlight wedding Kitty, but I find it strange they're adding this variant where she's dressed for a wedding she quite pointedly and spectacularly did not go through with. I know most of these people aren't aware of that, but that's an easy to skip variant for me.

Loki is the new season pass card and he is legitimately one of the most fun cards released in a long time. Matches are completely unpredictable at the moment and I’m having a blast. I haven’t seen Galactus or High Evo at all today.

High Evo is a huge counter to Loki. Loki doesn't copy any cards added to your hand after the fact so Thanos Stones, Rockslide Rocks don't copy and High Evo cards copy in their base state without the added powers. And since Loki decks are voraciously board space hungry, a High Evo control or High Evo toxic deck just flattens their curve without giving them anything.

At least in my deck Loki’s primary function is a late game Collecter buff. Ideally on turn 5 or 6 you have a random full hand of cards from Snowguard, Mirage, Maria Hill, Coulson, Fury and you play what you can from that selection and drop Loki on turn 5 or 6 and Collector should be into the high 20s for power.
This is my Loki deck that I’ve been absolutely wrecking shop with:

7-Mariah Hill
8-Agent Coulson
10-Nick Fury
11-White Queen
12-America Chavez

Snowguard’s buff yesterday also made her one of the most useful cards in the game for tough locations, she’s basically a more powerful Jeff now in addition to buffing Collector.

I've also been enjoying and finding success with Loki buffing Collector, though he might be a touch overhyped--there's a pretty large streamer out there who talked about how uncounterable and devastating he was with both Collector and Quinjet, and yes that's true, randomness still holds, and times I was able to get all three of those out in a timely manner were rare. Also sometimes your opponent has a bunch of stuff that works for them, but not you, such as a Carnage who will end up being less power than what you already have down. But more often than not he's working for me, and the results are hilarious, especially when from your opponent's own hand you're given the solution to the problem they think they've set up.

Warning: Be careful doing the old standby Weekend Mission trick of just putting Loki in the deck you actually want to use and considering it a dead draw. I just had a supremely goofy match against just such a person that involved me playing three Lokis, a cheap Odin, the first time I forced a Fast Forward, culminating in a 30 power Collector. So, on second thought, maybe don't be careful just tossing Loki in your decks. Toss away!

I'm going to gauchely post back-to-back, because thanks to Loki, I was just able to have Kitty and Professor X assist Magik in locking down Limbo and prevent an infestation by the Brood. What a great card.

Got lucky with a spotlight cache and pulled the new Werewolf By Night. I slotted him into my regular on-reveal deck and as long as he got onto the board on turns 3 or 4 he was hitting double-digit power every match. I’m concerned that Snap is starting to fall into a pattern of releasing ridiculously overpowered cards and then either nerfing them into near-uselessness after a couple weeks like they did with Mobius M. Mobius, or severely nerfing all the cards that enable them regardless of how it effects other decks like they did with Loki.

I've been playing again and you're not wrong. The more concerning part is they admit to selling a broken card just to nerf it after a few weeks. Balance is something you never achieve but intentionally throwing a wrench in the works every few weeks is unhealthy.

As long as I have Mr Negative on the board by turn 3 or 4 and I have Jane Foster in hand I win 100% of my games.

That's the game. Busted combos. Location RNG. Perfect draws. Galactus.

I for one have been having more fun in the last few months with OTA's regularly shifting the underlying metas than I did in January-February where every game you had to think "if they have Galactus, what do I do". The MMM change is a little weird but they lock patch changes in 4 weeks in advance and at that time MMM had a near 100% pick rate in any competitive setting but gradually the meta shifted, OTAs shifted balance, and we ended up in a super healthy spot. I'd still say the balance is in a super healthy spot where there's a tonne of viable decks and not a lot of really powerful ugly stuff. Heck you've got Iron Lad, Professor X, and Iron Man right next to each other at 25-27 in meta share and that's a really good spot for the game to be in.

For the casual, once a week players, yeah it sucks that things shift around a lot, but that's not who Snap is trying to capture.

That's another thing I don't get, they apparently submitted the change to MMM weeks ago which means they released a card and drastically changed it with about a weeks worth of data. That feels like their whole intention was to get as many people to spend something to get this card just to take it away. I don't understand the logic other than being predatory.

I also can't figure out why the keep adjusting the same cards. Why not adjust cards that have been languishing instead of changing Kitty again. Maybe tweaking Baron will make people put Angela away.

So many of my decks got rocked by both the changes to Kitty and the existence of MMM, I find even the philosophical issues with the MMM change tough to empathize with, because f*ck MMM. I got him, but he was never fun to play, even worse to play against, and nuked every deck I liked playing. I spent resources on him, but he was absolutely a problem, possibly more than Leech ever was, and I think he deserved a pretty harsh smack-down that I fully expect will get less harsh next chance they get.

When it comes to the choice between a card possibly being too good, or likely being too weak, it seems they keep erring on the former, and I think that's a fine approach, and change is fine, too, even if I got burned pretty badly by many of the recent changes. But, yes, please, for the Disdain of Apocalypse, leave Kitty the f*ck alone! She was a big reason my preferred Negative deck could work even when I didn't draw Negative, and while there are many factors to this, I got stalled out pretty badly since the changes to Loki and Angela, too.

I never had any issues with MMM but I also don’t play a lot of decks that depend upon cost reduction so having an opponent play him was just a wasted turn on their part. I think it would have been better maybe if he either prevents your costs from being increased OR your opponents from being reduced, but yeah, both seems a bit OP. Now that it’s only for one turn though there’s really no reason for him to take up space in decks.

They are walking back the MMM nerf. Reverting his ability and making him a 3/3. I'm beginning to have less and less faith in SD.

All this consternation over MMM, and not a single word about how the Peach Momoko White Queen is, in fact not Emma Frost, White Queen of the Hellfire Trading Company, rather it is an entirely different character unconnected to the White Queen, Ominversal Majestrix Opal Luna Saturnyne!? Players of games have some f*cked up priorities.

...admittedly, it's an easy mistake to make.

EDIT: Seems the data-mined Mistake Peach "White Queen" is not the released Peach White Queen, which is actually of Emma.*t, I was going to skip that one...

Running into lots of bugs. Shang Shi not blowing up 9+ cards. Last turn he only destroyed 1 of the two hulks. Wave not reducing cards to 4 even when mmm is not onboard. Twice for some reason I didn't get to play my turn after Kang turned back time.

I encountered that Wave thing a couple days ago but I just assumed there was some board interaction going on that I missed. Most of the bugs I’ve encountered are with the UI- when changing my active deck and entering a match it will occasionally give me either my prior deck or just a random deck from my library instead of the one I selected, and when upgrading cards from the post-match screen the menus will frequently just messily superimpose over each other until I get back to the main screen. Most of this stuff started after the big patch last season.

I ran into all of those UI bugs.

I was wondering why so many destruction decks and then the new land showed up. So I broke out my destruction deck to get in on Maybe I should try a anti destruction deck. hmmm

I still like playing Loki, but the absolute best Loki plays are when I'm up against a deck I sort of hate, like a Darkhawk, and I get the key pieces, but they...did not.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with a Black Knight discard deck, especially this weekend with so many people running Gladiator on Sinister London. Half the cards in my deck are above Gladiator’s target power, thanks for winning the game for me on turn 3.