Recommend me a subreddit

I’m always looking for fun, funny, or interesting subreddits to follow. What are some of your favorites that might not be well known but are worth checking out?

How about a subreddit for something we need on a daily basis?

As a lover of schadenfreude, I like

Idiots In Cars
What could go wrong

Which naturally led me to

That looked expensive


aww which is for cute animals dogs and cats but other cute animals pop up there also.

Baron Of Hell wrote:

aww which is for cute animals dogs and cats but other cute animals pop up there also.

In case you are a grumpy rabbit fan, might I suggest Murder Buns

From my subscribed subreddits:

Fairytaleasf*ck - (Uses bitly because the profanity filter breaks the link) Photographs of pretty/interesting places with a fantastical title attached, to help the picture tell a story.

MaliciousCompliance - Stories about people following rules that end up to the detriment of the people enforcing the rules.

PanelShow and Taskmaster - UK television goodness.

Thatsabooklight - Not particularly active, but is people finding ordinary objects used as props in television and film.

VillagePorn - Part of the SFW porn network, this is photos of beautiful villages.

Wonderdraft - This is the subreddit for the mapmaking tool Wonderdraft, which simplifies making maps of all kinds. Great for D&D, for laying out worlds you're building for a story, or just for fun. At one point you needed a Wonderdraft license to join, but it may have opened up. If not, I suggest checking out the tool anyway.

The Ocho: bringing you the finest in seldom-seen sports from around the globe since 1999

Oooh! I have lots of great subs to recommend. I’ll post more later but one fun one is r/OddlySatisfying.

Round Animals. Just look at these units.

AbandonedPorn - pictures of abandoned architecture

DamnThatsInteresting - pictures, gifs, and videos of things that are… well, interesting!

HappyCowGIFs - GIFs of giant, grass puppies being adorable

KnightsOfPineapple - Defenders of the Hawaiian Pizza, pictures of all things pineapple

MilitaryStories - stories about life in the military; often entertaining even if you never served

RandomActsOfPizza - (requires group membership) group dedicated to requesting and delivering pizza to others who could use a good slice and may not be able to afford it

RealLifeDoodles - GIFs and videos of everyday life creatively enhanced with animated doodle art

TalesFromTechSupport - stories related to a crazy day in the life of a IT Tech Support Technician; did you try shutting it off and turning it on again?

Unexpected - GIFs and videos that end in surprising ways

I like most of the posts in Riker's Beard


I also just discovered HuskyTantrums yesterday.

r/ProgrammerHumor - it's niche, but it's my kind of niche.

/r/RealTwitterAccounts is my latest guilty pleasure (/r/LeopardsAteMyFace was my last one)

/r/WitchesVsPatriarchy is amazing.

/rjustrolledintotheshop is fun. Makes me feel better about whatever wonkiness may be going on with my car.

atetheonion also