GWJ Conference Call 836

What Remains of Edith Finch, Asterigos: Curse of Stars, and a little bit of Overwatch 2.

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Amanda, Daryl, and Rich are joined by Manon Gage, lead actress from Immortality, to talk about her experience with the game.

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00:01:19 What Remains of Edith Finch
00:11:50 Asterigos: Curse of Stars
00:17:13 Overwatch 2
00:22:05 Immortality
00:30:55 Interview with Manon Gage
01:18:24 GWJ Housekeeping

I dimly remember something with Field of View being helpful for motion sickness as well. If one of you has a line to Manon, she might also want to look that up and give it a try. I virtually never experience motion sickness in any context, but I think it was The Vanishing of Ethan Carter that caused me to go in and adjust those settings.

Whoah! What a get for the pod!

I had more than a few blinks when I loaded this up this morning.

I have spent the last two hours rewinding the podcast back and forth and got nothing.

What a great CC though, it was a really captivating chat. I was so glad Daryl asked about the Rust incident because I had the exact same reaction to that scene.

Disappointed with the incredibly thin justification for deciding to talk about Overwatch 2 and start covering Blizzard stuff again.

Excellent interview!

If anyone is still talking to Manon about what games to try, I would suggest Control. Not only is it spooky with great VA and motion cap, but the accessibility features really let you dial down the difficulty, which would be great for a person new to controller gaming.

Also Hades, because God Mode, and it's Hades!