Cheesy Holiday Movies

The season is starting, and I thought it deserved its own thread. I've come to love cheesy holiday movies, and this year we begin the festivities with The Curse of Bridge Hollow, a movie in which Halloween decorations come to life. It's cheesy and stupid and I love it.

I also bring this up because Hallmark is starting with their Christmas movies NEXT WEEK. I resubbed to Frndly and started marking a ton to record. Can't wait!!

Hallmark movies may be cheesy, but I can't stand them. Pretend We're Married Christmas, Groundhog Day Christmas. The cheesy nom Hallmark one I watch sometimes is A Very Brady Christmas. It's so bad and cheesy, I think I get constipated watching it. I do remember one year I had a tooth explode and it was impossibly painful, and I sat with a bottle of vodka watching it and swearing at the TV to change the channel.