Gamers with Kids discuss: coding and gaming

Hi all!!
It's been a while since I lasted opened a thread, but I'm really interested in learning what the collective Goodjer hive mind has to propose about introducing (or teaching) your kids to coding.

My 7yo started their gaming on phones and tablets, and only recently have started using the traditional pc setup with mouse and keyboard at school.

The school scrapes a rather interesting list of sites that have gamified some STEM topics and when I asked if she's interested in coding and making her own apps, she seemed very interested in learning.

So I come forth, asking for recommendations, tips, and advice.

My son is enrolled in Code Ninjas. Basically, they learn to code by building video games - starting with simple Scratch stuff and getting progressively more complex. There are also special courses to create in Minecraft or Roblox.

There are franchises all over the country. Hopefully one near you?